David Naula and Mayra Jaime They broke their silence and made statements for the first time to put an end to rumors about the fate of their marriage.

Rumors of their split surfaced after Naula’s photos disappeared from Jaime’s profile. The presenter explained that she submitted them after a heated argument and that it had nothing to do with a third person.

Naula accepted that the leaked audio recordings of him were real, but were taken from a work chat while he was creating social media content, in which he agreed to pay the model in exchange. “With fake chats, I have a way to prove that the chats are fake, “She created lies and truths that only she believes.” He also explained influencer, in space TurCafé, author Catrina Tala.

“I want it to be clear that I was not unfaithful, I did not sleep with that woman as many claim,” He emphasized and confirmed that they are still together.

Jaime stated that this situation violated their personal information, since her husband’s phone number was exposed. “They threaten the life of the family, reveal the phone number, publish photos of the car”James.

“This affects me because I have a child to take care of… as a couple it affects us because we read the comments…”, Jaime added.

Meanwhile, Naula admitted that she started receiving media attacks and even extortion.

The host used the opportunity to express her opinion about everything that is happening around the couple. “In this country, we are used to people going out, talking, slandering, and absolutely nothing happens…” Additionally, he said people who lie need to start identifying themselves. “More than the environment, who are the people”.

The couple, who were accompanied by a lawyer, assured that they would initiate a legal process to prove that the chats were fake. (AND)