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Put this fruit in a bag with potatoes and they will not sprout.  The tubers will last up to 2 months

Put this fruit in a bag with potatoes and they will not sprout. The tubers will last up to 2 months

Potatoes are found in almost every Polish home. They are a great addition to dinner, so we usually buy them in larger quantities. If you store them properly, they will survive in the kitchen or basement for a long time. One product will help you with this.

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Potatoes are very easy to prepare for eating. Just peel them, rinse them under cold water and cook them. It is much more difficult to store them properly. They need appropriate conditions to prevent them from spoiling quickly. Otherwise, they will start to become soft and wrinkled, and spots will appear on the skin.

How to store potatoes? They must have an air supply

The optimal temperature for storing potatoes is 5-7 degrees Celsius. Then they can last up to half a year in one place. The packaging containing vegetables must have holes, and the room must be ventilated regularly. This way you will avoid the appearance of mold. Store potatoes in a dark place out of direct sunlight. Most often, people decide to keep them in the basement, because that is where the most favorable conditions can be found. It is not recommended to store vegetables under the sink because it is warm and humid there. They will quickly start to sprout and rot.

How to store potatoes in a block? Throw it in the bag

Vegetables stored in a room with too high a temperature and dry air will begin to wrinkle, soften and turn green. If you live in a block of flats and don’t have a basement where you can keep potatoes, try the one-fruit recipe. Throw an apple into the box or bag with potatoes. It releases ethylene, which slows down the spoilage of vegetables. Thanks to this, they will be good to eat for up to 2 months. Replace the fruit from time to time, because it may start to rot and as a result, the potatoes will also spoil.

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