Coming from 100 families of small producers from the central Sierra, from the cantons of Cayambe and Pifo, in the province of Pichincha, who work for the company Golden, the first shipment of grapes went to a new market for Ecuadorian fruit: El Salvador.

It is about 500 kilograms of fruit that is already being sent to 47 world destinations, including the USA, Canada, Spain and the Netherlands, the Agency for Phyto and Zoosanitary Regulation and Control (Agrocalidad), which carried out phytosanitary supervision, revealed. shipments, confirming that the product complies with the phytosanitary requirements required by this new international market.

Ecuadorian grapes received the first global carbon neutral certificate

Uvilla consumption is growing internationally, and Ecuador is no exception. In 2022, this fruit was exported mainly to the USA, and other shipments were made to European countries with a total of 9,640 kg. So far in 2023, more than 6,000 kg have been certified for the United States and Canada.

Uvilla plantations for commercial purposes are mainly located in Pichincha, Carcha and Imbabura, provinces that concentrate 74% of the cultivated area of ‚Äč‚Äčthis fruit in the country, according to information from Agrocalidad.

Uvila is considered a food of high nutritional value, it is rich in fiber, especially pectin, it is a natural source of vitamins and is on the list of superfoods, according to the National Institute for Agricultural Research (Iniap), this fruit has a high proportion of water, over 81%, it is also rich sugars, vitamin C, polyphenols and carotenoids.

It is also considered an antioxidant food.

Ecuador sends its first export of fresh grapes to supermarkets in the United States

Patricio Almeida, CEO of Agrocalidad, said that the Agency works hand in hand with the producer to manage the opening of international markets with quality products. This year, among other things, Ecuador exported blueberries, avocados, chicken meat, with the obligation to place as much of the country as possible on the shelves of the world.