On the occasion of its 100 years of history, Disney has unveiled a list of 30 locations that inspired its films, among which are the Alcázar of Segovia and the Plaza de España in Seville. Specifically, respectively, they inspired ‘Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs’ (1937) and ‘Star Wars. Episode II. Attack of the Clones’ (2002), according to the list published by the corporation.

Thirty locations from 13 countries in Europe, Middle East and Africa They are the ones that have inspired Disney films throughout its history. Only 14% of Spaniards knew that the Alcázar of Segovia served as inspiration for Walt Disney to design the castle for ‘Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs’, the first Disney animated film released in theaters in 1937, according to a survey by The Walt Disney Company.

The study has revealed that Spaniards would like to see national locations such as the Alhambra of Granada (29%), the Sagrada Familia of Barcelona (19%) or the cathedral of Seville (9%). And regarding the scenes from Disney movies preferred by Spaniards, the results are: first, that of Lady and Gulf sharing the plate of spaghetti in ‘The Lady and the Tramp’, followed by that of the dwarfs singing “Ay ho” in ‘Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs’. Peter Pan, Tinkerbell and the children flying around Big Ben in ‘Peter Pan’ or Aladdin and Jasmine flying over the magic carpet in ‘Aladdin’, follow them in the survey.

The company also wanted to pay tribute to its most emblematic films with a photo session that recreates the scenes more iconic like Alice in Great Fosters’ Labyrinth in England that served as inspiration for the film ‘Alice in Wonderland’, a photo of Mary Poppins in front of Saint Paul’s Cathedral in London, the Calanais Standing Stones in Scotland that appear in the film ‘Brave’ Disney and Pixar or a photograph that recreates a scene from ‘101 Dalmatians’.

Rebecca Cline, director of the Walt Disney Archives, recalled that its founder He was fascinated and inspired by everything around him. and he saw, no matter where he was. At the end of his life, he received the honor of being named “the showman of the world,” he has noted.