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When to plant winter garlic?  The right date is just around the corner.  You will harvest your first harvest in July

When to plant winter garlic? The right date is just around the corner. You will harvest your first harvest in July

When to plant winter garlic and what should you pay attention to so that it grows healthy and the bulbs are exceptionally tasty and large? The right date is of great importance, so it’s better not to miss it. Thanks to this, you will soon harvest a really abundant harvest.

Planting garlic in the fall has many benefits. First of all, it is harvested up to a month earlier, it is less susceptible to rotting, and you do not have to worry about storing the cloves in winter. Thanks to this, you can be sure that the heads will grow delicious and healthy. What to look for?

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How to plant winter garlic? The choice of place is of great importance

Planting winter garlic, also called winter garlic, is not complicated. What’s more, you will harvest the first crops in July and you will not have to look for a way to properly store the cloves in the colder months, which can be a challenge. How to carry out the entire procedure in autumn? Start by finding a place. It works best next to carrots, parsley, or , or where tomatoes, cucumbers or celery previously grew. All because they do not have common diseases or pests, so there is less risk of something attacking it.

Where to plant winter garlic? Avoid these places

winter plant grows best in fertile and humus soil. Definitely avoid places where the soil is acidic, as they will not thrive there. In addition, make sure it gets plenty of sun. This will make the heads grow really big and tasty. Of course, it will also do well in partial shade, but the yields will be much smaller.

When to plant winter garlic? The best time will soon pass

Winter garlic should be planted on at the turn of September and October. This means that the best deadline will soon pass, so it’s worth hurrying. If you are late, it may not take root enough before winter and therefore die. How to carry out the whole process? Before you start planting garlic, first dig the bed and then enrich it with compost. For the garden, choose only undamaged cloves, without blemishes and dents, with a visible “heel”. Plant them approximately every 7-10 cm and 5 cm deep. There is enough space for them to expand easily.

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