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How to wash curtains without ironing?  Temperature is not everything!  With this product you will forget about the iron

How to wash curtains without ironing? Temperature is not everything! With this product you will forget about the iron

Curtains are like the cherry on the cake of any room decor. For this reason, we make sure that they are always sparkling clean and look neat. How to wash curtains so that you don’t have to iron them later? Use one trick.

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Even the prettiest curtain will not look good if it is wrinkled. Before you hang it on the window, it is worth smoothing out any creases with an iron. However, this is a time-consuming task that no one likes. A patent for perfectly smooth curtains without ironing comes to the rescue. Just do one thing first.

How to wash curtains without ironing? Fold into cubes

When choosing curtains, you can squeeze a piece of fabric and see how it will behave. It will look identical when washed. First of all, pay attention to the labels. Usually, we cut them off immediately after buying them, which is a mistake. Therefore, we do not know what washing temperature will be best for a specific material. When you remove the curtains from the curtain rod, shake them off, fold them into cubes and put them in the washing machine.. This will eliminate the formation of creases. You can also put the curtain in a special net or in a pillowcase. Set the program to the one dedicated to curtains, delicate or hand wash mode. The washing temperature should be 30 degrees C and the spinning speed should not exceed 400 revolutions.

How to straighten curtains without ironing? Hang it on a curtain rod

When washing curtains, be sure to use fabric softener. It will prevent the material from electrifying. You can add it before the last stage of washing, which will make the curtains smell more intensely. Do not fill the entire drum with other things, because the fabric will not have enough space and will wrinkle. Drying is also important. It is best to hang the curtains on a curtain rod immediately after washing, so that they will dry in a natural position and the material will straighten itself. If you prefer to dry them in a dryer, place a towel over them. Thanks to this, the rods will not leave any marks on the fabric.

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