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Pour a spoonful of coffee onto toilet paper.  Sounds funny?  Maybe.  But it is effective

Pour a spoonful of coffee onto toilet paper. Sounds funny? Maybe. But it is effective

How to repel mosquitoes? Few people would like to host insects in their home. Not only do they leave itchy bites, but they also make noise by flying around rooms at night. Fortunately, you can get rid of them with a clever and simple trick. Prepare some coffee, toilet paper and toothpaste and see what happens.

Nuisance and other insects can make even the nicest evening with friends and family unpleasant. If you spend time at home and it’s still warm, you won’t have to close the windows as soon as it gets dark. Just pour coffee onto toilet paper and place it on the windowsill. What exactly is this method? We give you a hint.

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What are mosquitoes afraid of? Pour it onto toilet paper and place it near the window

An interesting trick to combat mosquito invasion in your home is to use a smell that they cannot stand. Grab a roll (maybe one that is running out), smear the paper with toothpaste and pour a spoonful of coffee. Then wrap the roll so that the paste sticks to the rest of the paper or cardboard and place the item on the windowsill next to an open window, through which mosquitoes can enter. The combination of menthol from toothpaste and coffee will prevent any insect from coming close. If you don’t have coffee at home, you can replace it with cinnamon. Mosquitoes also hate the smell of this spice. All because of a chemical compound – eugenol, which naturally occurs in it, and which is often used in chemical agents against mosquitoes.

What repels mosquitoes at night? Use cinnamon

You can also use cinnamon in a slightly different form. If you want to repel mosquitoes and prevent them from entering your apartment, dissolve 1 teaspoon of the spice in 1 cup of water. Stir the liquid and pour it into a spray bottle with some gauze on it. Then just close the bottle, shake the contents and spray the window frames and frames. It will quickly turn out that mosquitoes no longer enter the apartment in such large numbers as before.

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