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Pier Pasolini’s ‘impure acts’ will be revived at Muégano Teatro; ‘performance’ reviews homosexual desires

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The Royal Spanish Academy points out that it pure It is that which is alien to sensuality, what is free and exempt from moral imperfections. Purity is associated with what is virginal, what is hygienic, what is white, what is sexless, quote Ernesto Orellana, an artistic director who deconstructs this concept in a staging that fuses poetry, dance, theater, film and music. It’s about the performance transdisciplinary impure actswhich Teatro Sur Chile will premiere in muegano theater as part of the project activatingwhich promotes cultural space.

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The title of the stage piece cites a short autobiographical novel by a 17-year-old Pier Paolo Pasolini (1922-1975), in which he problematizes homosexual desire, since he was a left-wing homosexual Italian.

The work ‘Impure Acts’ represents a mass in which homosexual desires and the freedom of sexuality are inquired.

It is a review of Pasolini’s poetry, novels, dramaturgies, archival images and films. This is how, through this proposal, one of the greatest references of art is commemorated, also regarding the centenary of his birth. “He collects from his imaginary certain questions that revolve around sexual emancipation today, understood as the possibility of going beyond the discourses and aesthetics that surround heteronormativity or heterosexuality as a political regime (…). In all his work, homosexual desire, eroticism and politics are crossed“, Explain Orellana.

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He says that this work opens questions, sensations and mysteries around the hidden historicity of homosexuality, what is politically correct or what is politically incorrect. “It is important to insist and point out from the arts that there is a sexual hegemony thatparadoxically in these neocapitalist contexts of resurgence of fascism in different parts of the world, once again criminalizes the possibility of freeing oneself from certain heterosexual patterns (…). In this stage an attempt is made to impose a punitive, canceling and punishing morality of the overflow of desire”, he comments.

Ernesto Orellana, artistic director of the play ‘Actos impuros’. Photo by Ronald Cedeno. Photo: The Universe

He defines his production as a post-dramatic poetic metaphor that stages certain voices that represent Pasolini’s universe: there is the young homosexual, the homosexual adult, the female figure and there is also the idea of ​​the priest. “They are a kind of ghosts that are circulating on stage, which account for different visions that went through Pasolini’s life. That female figure could be the mother, it could be the friend… He was always surrounded by many women, like all fags“, Explain.

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As if it were a mass, impure acts He makes a representation of a Eucharist that includes its symbols, such as the altar, the changing rooms and the music. “We studied the Eucharist, we studied the Mass, we saw the representations that circulate inside the Mass, and that was what we interpreted and translated on stage.”, indicates Orellana.

“They are readings, interpretations — crossed by the theater — of the mass, of the Eucharist. What we do is read the sacred word, but this sacred word is that of Pasolini, who for the Church could be the devil, for being homosexual“, Add.

With the work of the Chilean musician Marcello Martínez, the universal poetic universe that Pasolini used in several of his films is reinterpreted, some of them with pieces by Bach, which Orellana explains are lyrics that were basically “prayers to God” in which he demanded answers for the sentences that life made. “The idea is to desacralize those figures that are so sacred, it is to stress what is understood as the sacred“, He says.

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impure acts brings together four actors on stage. Its performances are scheduled for this Saturday, November 26, at 8:00 p.m.; and Sunday, November 27, at 6:00 p.m., at Espacio Muégano Teatro (Callejón Magallanes and Rocafuerte). The entrance has a cost of $12.00 (general) and $5.00 (with discount). You can buy them at myurls.co/mueganoteatro.

pasolini criminalized

Pasolini wrote the script for the film The gospel according to Saint Matthew. He was a faithful believer in Christ, but on earth he was criminalized by the Catholic Church. “There are a series of contradictions that seem interesting to me in this character, because he does not give possibilities for an answer, but rather, this human being is so complex that he accounts for the complexity of today.”, reflects Orellana. (YO)

Source: Eluniverso

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