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How to participate in Spotify Wrapped 2022, the musical summary of the end of the year

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Since December 20’16, Spotify has allowed its users to make a summary of what they have listened to the most during the year, be it music or podcasts, in exchange for them accepting the use of their behavior information in the app) from January to October. It licks Spotify Wrapped, and although this year’s edition is not yet officially open, it has been requested to be attentive between December 1 and 5.

Spotify’s Sten Garmark at the World’s Leading Startup event in Helsinki, Finland 2021. Photo: KIMMO BRANDT

The charm of Wrapped is that users can view their history in eye-catching cards that include the most listened to songs, artists, genres and podcasts in those 10 months. And the goal is for everyone to share their cards with their friends and followers on social networks, specifically, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter and TikTok. So it’s actually a clever (and fun) ad campaign for Spotify.

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But for fans, the biggest possibility is not just showing off their cards, but knowing that your favorite artists will receive a visualization of their statistics from the platform, which they can then share with the public. Some fan clubs are taking it seriously, as an unofficial competition and award.

Spotify’s senior editor for Mexican music, Gerardo Mora, during the International Music Fair in Guadalajara. Regional Mexican music is one of the most listened to genres on the platform. Photo: Francisco Guasco

To participate in Wrapped, you have to open the application, go to the start (home), select Spotify Wrapped and then Your 2022 in review. Then you will be able to have the cards and playlists. Of course, it must be taken into account that everything that someone listened to in the Private Session mode will not enter the summary. Neither does the material that the user uploads to Spotify on their own.

The cards are: Listened Minutes, Top Song, Top Songs, Audio Aura, Top Genres, Top Podcast, Top Artist, and Top Artists.

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At the moment, the official Spotify site only allows you to listen to Wrapped 2021, pending the release date of the new edition. (AND)

Source: Eluniverso

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