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Do you remember Andrea from the TV series “Rebellious Angel”? She recently celebrated her 56th birthday. How is it today?

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Several years have passed since the release of “Rebel Angel”. Every fan of the series, however, still remembers the dry and sophisticated Adrea, who did everything to destroy the love of the main characters. The character was portrayed by the Argentine, Mariana Arias. What’s up with her today?

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Remember “Rebellious Angel”? She played the ruthless Adnrea.

“Rebellious Angel” debuted in Poland in 2000. The production almost immediately became a hit and attracted thousands of viewers in front of TV sets. A dozen or so years ago, the series was considered one of the best and most popular telenovelas on television.

One of the main characters of the series was the ruthless and dry Andrea. The woman did not win the sympathy of the viewers. She did everything to stand in the way of the main characters’ happiness. Mariana Arias played the black heroine perfectly. After the success of the series, the woman later appeared in such productions as “Felicidades” or “Przygody Boga”. Today, the 56-year-old completely gave up acting. What does it do and what does it look like?

What’s up with Mariana Arias today? Here’s how her story turned out

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Despite the huge popularity of “Rebellious Angel” and other productions with the participation of Arias, the woman decided to end her acting career. However, she did not give up her presence in the media, although on different terms. Arias hosts television and radio shows, has her own line of prescription glasses, and is the owner of her own line of perfumes. He also runs his Instagram account, where he likes to show moments from his life. The woman turned 56 on August 15 and still impresses with her beauty.

Source: Gazeta

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