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Dancing Margaret in fashionable and comfortable pyjamas.  This set is a hit!  It is worth having it in the wardrobe in the summer

Dancing Margaret in fashionable and comfortable pyjamas. This set is a hit! It is worth having it in the wardrobe in the summer

When looking for the perfect pajamas, it is worth buying one that will not only be pretty and stylish, but above all comfortable. Choose a loose, non-tight cut made of pleasant to the touch material, and you won’t regret it. Margaret chose a fashionable and comfortable set. Where can you find similar?

Margaret is a popular and liked singer. To the delight of fans, she is also active on social media. Recently on Instagram, where she is followed by over 800,000. of people published a unique video in which she appeared in fashionable and stylish pajamas.

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Margaret dances to the beat of her song. She is wearing fashionable and comfortable pajamas

She posted an unusual video on Instagram, which delighted and amused fans. Dressed in pajamas, without make-up and with wet hair, she danced to her latest song “Dance stupid”. As you can see in the video, she had a great time doing it, and at the same time encouraged Internet users to follow in her footsteps. Attention is drawn not only to her free and joyful movements, but also fashionable and perfect for hot summer pajamas made of satin.

The star put on a black set decorated with a contrasting white ribbon on the edges. The top of the pajamas in the form of a buttoned shirt has short sleeves and a pocket on the chest, while the bottom is loose shorts. Free, non-tight and non-binding cut made of soft and pleasant to the touch fabric is the perfect choice for the summer. Similar pajamas can be found in H&M and Bonprix.

H&M: loose pajamas with a shirt and shorts. Available in three colors

In the H&M store’s offer you will find a very similar, two-piece pajamas in black with white piping on the edges. The set consists of a loose button-down shirt with slightly dropped shoulders and open lapels, and shorts with an elastic waist. It is also available in two other colors – dark green and blue.

Two-piece pajamas from H&M

Bonprix: black pajamas with shorts. Made of cotton

A slightly sportier, but still very similar set can be found in the Bonprix store. The black one consists of a loose collared shirt with white trim and loose shortswhich you can adjust with a string.

Two-piece pajamas from BonprixTwo-piece pajamas from Bonprix

The set was made in its entirety made of natural and airy cotton, which ensures high wearing comfort. It will work especially during the hot summer. It is an extremely fashionable and comfortable cut that is worth having in your wardrobe.

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