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Learn some predictions about who (should) win the 2022 Nobel Prize in Literature and when it will be announced

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If you look at the statistics of the Nobel Prize winners in recent years, four of the last six winners write in English and the remaining non-English writers are European. And, according to critics, the debate over whether the Academy will select a renowned writer or continue betting on someone not so well known in letters marks the days before the announcement of the new Nobel Prize for Literature.

The selection of the American poet Louise Glück and the Tanzanian-born novelist Abdulrazak Gurnah it meant awarding authors little translated and unknown by the general public and also by the publishing world. “After last year, it seems to me that it is more difficult to guess,” said Lina Kalmteg, in charge of Literature at Sweden’s national radio, recalling the “total surprise” when Gurnah’s name was announced.

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On the other hand, Björn Wiman, head of the Culture section of the Swedish newspaper Dagens Nyheter, predicted: “I think a better known name is being sought this year because of last year’s surprise.”

The academy is recovering from a crisis due to the #Metoo scandal in 2018, which led to the award ceremony being delayed for a year, and the controversial award the following year of the award to the Austrian Peter Handke, who has held positions in favor of the Yugoslav dictator Slobodan Milosevic.

Facing criticism for the lack of diversity in the choice of laureates, the Swedish Academy brought together a group of external experts from different linguistic areas in 2020. Since then, the four prizes have been distributed between two men and two women. If last year a Tanzanian won, in this edition it is the turn of a European; if before it was a man, then now it could be a woman, if the last prizes were mostly awarded to authors in English, then it could be time for a writer in Spanish, Mandarin or French.

Swedish Academy in Stockholm. Photo: Shutterstock
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And so the predictions that hover around the day before the announcement of the Nobel Prize for Literature, the most outstanding award of letters, which every year -despite the forecasts- surprises with its unexpected choices.

And, to illustrate the rich literary diversity available for the committee to choose from, this list is a compendium of other lists, but it will give a glimpse of the extraordinary writers from around the world who, according to publishing houses and literary critics, believe that They deserve the Nobel.


His real name is Ali Ahmad Said Esber. He is a Syrian poet who probably should have won by now.

Ngugi Wa’ Thiong’o

Kenyan writer who decided to end his reach by switching to writing in his native Gikuyu instead of English. A true inspiration for Instagram algorithm creators. His tireless mission is to equalize power relations between languages ​​and decolonize the literary scene.

Edwidge Danticat

Haitian-American. Novelist, short story writer and writer of children’s literature and university professor.

Garielle Lutz

American fiction writer. She presented her essay The Sentence is a Lonely PlaceAnd then his stories.

Jon Fosse

The Norwegian writer was the teacher of Karl Ove Knausgaard, considered the best Norwegian writer since the playwright Henrik Ibsen. Some of his novels sold out a few years ago and were selling for ridiculous prices on eBay.

Shahrnush Parsipur

Iranian novelist. She wrote Touba, a beautiful novel after being imprisoned in Iran for four years. What many men take pages and pages to do, she does in just twenty, easily juxtaposing Sufi mysticism with the political and the scientific.

Laszlo Krasznahorka

Hungarian writer. Among his recommended books is satanic tango (he took it to the movies in the movie satantango which lasts 7 hours).

The average age of the winners is 65 years old, with Rudyard Kipling being the youngest (41 years old) and Doris Lessing the oldest (88 years old). Photo: Shutterstock

annie ernaux

The French writer has managed to gain a foothold in Bookstagram’s visibility despite being an extraordinary writer.

Anne Carson

The Nobel committee likely debated between Canadian writer Anne Carson, Louis Gluck and Charles Simic in 2020, so it could be a while before it’s considered again.

Scholastic Mukasonga

Rwandan Tutsi writer. No black woman from Africa has won this award.

Maryse Conde

Guadeloupean writer, French overseas territory. Recognized feminist and activist disseminator of African history and culture, she is a legend of Caribbean literature. In 2018, the Nobel Prize for Literature was suspended, an alternate jury was set up and she was awarded the ‘Alternate Nobel’. Maybe it’s time to award him the real Nobel?

salim barakat

The Kurdish-Syrian writer has been formally nominated for the award this year. He has also been praised by the poets Mahmoud Darwish and Adonis. Bonus points: he lives in Sweden. He currently has only one book of poetry translated into English.

Other potential winners

Among the names that are heard in bets or on social networks, there is also an Argentine: César Airawhich in 2019 was ranked number 22 by a major British bookmaker.

The Argentine Noah Jitrik. He is the author of numerous short stories, novels, and critical, literary, and historical essays.

Also included are the American Joyce Carol Oates, the Canadian writer Margaret Atwood and the Russian Ludmila Ulitskaia.

The betting sites put the French narrator Michel Houellebecq as a favorite, ahead of the Canadian poet Anne Carson and the author Salman Rushdie, who was recently attacked in the United States.

Haruki Murakami, Japanese writer and translator, author of novels, stories and essays. His books have generated positive reviews and won numerous awards, including the Franz Kafka, the World of Fantasy, the Jerusalem, and the Hans Christian Andersen for Literature.

Other authors who are considered regular candidates for the top award are the Americans Thomas Pynchon and Don DeLillo.

The Norwegian Karl Ove Knausgaard could take the award to Scandinavia, 11 years after the Swedish Tomas Tranströmer was distinguished.

Also appearing on that list of candidates, albeit with more remote possibilities, are Stephen King, Ko Un and Can Xue.

The list of bets also includes the Austrian Ryszard Krynicki, the Romanian Mircea Cartarescu, recently distinguished with the 2022 FIL Prize for Literature, or the Czech Milan Kundera.


  • To date, 114 Nobel Prizes have been awarded in this category and 11 of them have been awarded to writers in the Spanish language. Of this more than one hundred awards, only 16 have been for women.
  • The average age of the winners is 65 years old, with Rudyard Kipling being the youngest (41 years old) and Doris Lessing the oldest (88 years old).
  • This Thursday, October 6, at 1:00 p.m. in Stockholm (6 a.m. in Ecuador), Mats Malm – permanent secretary of the Swedish Academy – will report the decision of the jury that will award the 2022 Nobel Prize for Literature.

Every reader in the world has their winner in mind. Everyone wants to see the success of writers who have moved us with their books, opening up unthinkable universes, because the impact of reading is indelible.

Source: Eluniverso

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