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Rozenek and Skórzyñski in “Millionaires”. They did not know the answer to this question! Would you have a problem with him?

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Recently, Rozenek and Skórzyński have become the hosts of “Dzień Dobry TVN” and on Monday (October 3) they took part in “Millionaires”. They played for the TVN Foundation, which plans to build a Center for Child and Youth Psychiatry and Oncology. The celebrities won 500,000 zlotys and had to explain that they did not know the questions before.

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Rozenek and Skórzyński in “Millionaires”. Most of the problems were with questions about the series

The first two questions posed no challenge to the celebrity couple. The stairs began when they heard the slogan “”. The celebrities did not watch the series and asked the audience for help. It was a good decision, because people gathered in the studio knew that “it” most closely resembles “one, two, three, Baba Yaga is watching”.

Subsequent issues (the polka dots pattern and the instrument called a paddle) posed no difficulties. These started popping up when asked for “”. Which family has the red, fire-breathing three-headed dragon in their coat of arms? Rozenek pointed to the Lannisters. Fortunately, she opted for a lifebuoy and called her husband. Radosław Majdan indicated the correct answer, that is Targaryen.

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When asked for geography, they used a lifebuoy half and half. They had to decide which route from Hollywood, Florida to Hollywood, California was the shortest.

They only gave up on the last round. The issue concerned Italo Calvin’s novel “If a traveler on a winter night” and the character of Tazio Bazakbal, who previously appeared with … Witkacy in “Farewell to Autumn”.

“Millionaires”. Rozenek and Skórzyński have won the audience’s sympathy

Although many commenters knew the answers to the questions, they thought that the leaders of “Dzień Dobry TVN” did very well. Internet users liked the fact that “there was no such embarrassment as in other special episodes”.

A very good game. A good and humorous company

Good game … And it’s good that they withdrew. Way to go! Though the last question was easy … at the high school level

It’s good that they didn’t mark Mrożek … it would be a shock

– wrote in the comments. Some Internet users were surprised that celebrities did not know the content of “Farewell to Autumn”:

It’s just a bit of a shame that the Pole doesn’t know the author of “Farewell to Autumn”, it seems that it used to be a high school reading …

Source: Gazeta

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