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She starred in “Interview with the Vampire” opposite Tom Cruise. Later Hollywood hated her

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Her acting debut was directed by Woody Allen, she starred with Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise at the age of twelve and was nominated for an Oscar this year. Although the youngest heroine of “Interview with the Vampire” seems to be a bit forgotten by the world of cinema, Kirsten Dunst has achieved more than one success. Most of them – thanks to participation in independent productions – on their own terms.

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Little sister

Dunst gained her first acting experience thanks to the short film “Oedipus Wrecks”, but it was “Interview with the Vampire” that turned out to be a breakthrough in her career. The actress recalls that she tried several times for her dream role of the young vampire Claudia, and that she was finally helped by Tom Cruise himself, the film Lestat.

I’ve auditioned for this role many times. One day I had another screen test with Tom Cruise and I remember being the tallest of all these young girls, looking perhaps the most childish at the same time. Tom whispered to me ‘roll your legs’ to make me look as petite as possible, so I knew he was rooting for me. We were both from New Jersey and he finally said, Get that Jersey girl get the job

– she mentioned in one of the interviews. The sympathy of the older and much more experienced actors did not fade away with the engagement. Durst said both Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt treated her like a little sister on set. Although Interview with the Vampire was only the actress’s ticket to her career, she was nominated for a Golden Globe for her role as Claudia. Cruise and Pitt received … a Golden Raspberry for creating the worst acting duo.

From superhero to independent cinema

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The 1990s did not bring Kirsten Dunst an engagement that could beat the acting performance of Interview with the Vampire, but the proposals received came from the best. The actress starred in “The Curse of Innocence” by Sofia Coppola, who made her Marie Antoinette a few years later. She also had the opportunity to prove herself in productions dedicated to teenagers – “Bring It On”, debuting at the beginning of the new millennium, gained the status of a classic of the genre.

In the early 2000s, Dunst was mostly associated with the character Mary Jane from the Spider-man movie series. After a few years, however, she broke with the heroine cinema to get absorbed in the artistic vision of Lars von Trier. It was her role in “Melancholy” that guaranteed her the prestigious title at the most famous French film festival. The award for Best Actress at the Cannes Film Festival is not everything – Dunst was on the jury of the 69th main competition in 2016. The event was an interesting buckle in her career – the screenings were opened by the screening of the film “Cream Social” directed by Woody Allen – the man who was responsible for the first film in which she starred. It was during this period that she fell in love with independent productions – she starred in the adaptation of Murakami’s novel, as well as a book devoted to mathematicians working for NASA. Trying her hand as a producer, she decided to deal with translating literature into screens and adapt Sylvia Plath’s “Glass Lampshade”. However, she abandoned this project.

Hollywood’s unrequited love and controversy

“I’ve never been recognized enough in my industry,” Dunst said despite her success. She accused Hollywood of still being a naive actress in the movie world of the teen comedy “Bring It On”. In her opinion, the films in which she played were appreciated with a considerable delay, as in the case of “Marie Antoinette”, and thus – she rarely received nominations for her roles. However, the losing streak was broken this year. Durst had a chance to win an Oscar for Best Supporting Role in Jane Campion’s “Dog’s Claws”. Instead of being the winner, she became the subject of jokes by the host Amy Schumer, who found her presence at the gala unnecessary.

The actress is not liked by the film community because of her controversial statements. In response to the #metoo movement, she concluded that she never encountered harassment on set because she “never provoked anyone.” She also emphasized in interviews that she greatly appreciated the traditional division of gender roles.

In 2022, the actress married longtime partner Jesse Plemons. She is not currently working on a movie as a producer, but will appear as an actress in “Civil War”, which Alex Garland made for the A24 distributor.

Source: Gazeta

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