The actress, singer and television presenter Carmen Sevilla, passed away yesterday at the age of 92will have a street named after him in the city where he was born, as announced by the mayor of Seville, José Luis Sanz.

In his Twitter account, Sanz has lamented that he has died “a legend of Spanish song and cinema”emphasizing that “his smile, which saw the light in the Heliópolis neighborhood, will be eternal for the Spanish”.

Thus, he added that “to always remember her, we will take to plenary that a street in Seville bear her name”, without specifying in which area of ​​the cityd that recognition will take place.

Born on October 16, 1930 in Seville, I had Alzheimer’s since 2009. and due to her very deteriorated health, she was admitted to a residence in Aravaca (Madrid) in March 2015. Last Sunday she was transferred to the hospital, where she died.