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They got trapped at Disney World because of the hurricane. Controversial food recommendation

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As Hurricane Ian headed toward Orlando on Wednesday night, guests at Walt Disney World hotels received a message advising them not to leave the resort building until further notice, for their own safety. Tourists shared a live broadcast of the realities of an unusual stay in the world on the web. What was going on inside?

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Lockdown means food problems

decided to close the licensed parks in Orlando for two days and informed guests that check-in would only be possible by 3:00 p.m. This fact was used by a journalist from WDW News, a website focusing on news about Disney World, who voluntarily decided to wait out the strong weather phenomenon in the world and, at the same time, share a video of attractions prepared by the staff with the world. Employees organized, inter alia, dancing lessons for children, playing bingo together or showing cult fairy tales.

There was controversy about the service recommendation just before lockdown. Guests were encouraged to eat their fill before returning to the hotels.

We strongly encourage you to take advantage of the gastronomic offer in our parks before returning to the hotels. Dining options for guests staying in our hotels will differ from this and in some cases may be very limited

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– you can read in the statement on the WDW website. Indeed, the restaurant part was crowded. One Twitter user who spent Hurricane Hurricane Orlando at Disney World shared a video showing huge queues. To avoid crowds, restrictions were also introduced in the souvenir section. Only two products could be purchased per one person.

The problem that the guests experienced was also the water flooding the hotel space. Employees and tourists jointly tried to compensate for the losses.

It was also fabulous

However, Disney World employees made sure that the stay of tourists, although closed, did not differ from a traditional trip. There were attractions waiting for them, during which children and adults were accompanied by the most recognizable heroes. Goofy, Miki, Chip and Dale decided to watch a couple of movies with the kids.

Older guests could count on a bingo game led by Goofy and Daisy.

In the hotel lobby, tired and frightened youngest tourists were comforted by dancing Winnie the Pooh and Pluto.

Children could count on not only dancing but also singing lessons. Among the musical attractions there was also a competition during which the most famous Disney hits were guessed. Guests who preferred other activities also chose between a “room fire”, a stuffed animal parade and a “Lion King” show. At least two facilities also opened swimming pools, although they mainly served as an emergency exit, allowing families to safely go outside when necessary. Flashlights and raincoats are provided in some rooms.

The full broadcast of the closed Disney World can be viewed on the official WDW News channel.

The National Weather Service issued a statement that the United States is at risk of “catastrophic flooding” in the coming days due to severe weather anomalies. Disney World has preemptively canceled hotel and amusement park reservations for the next few days.

Source: Gazeta

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