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The new face contouring method works like a facelift! Optically subtracts kilograms and years

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The technique of face modeling by means of contouring is a way to do it. Depending on your shape, the effect you want to achieve will differ. The accessories that we will need are: a brush, bronzer in a cold and warm shade, blush and a highlighter.

Face contouring depending on the shape of the face. This is the key to success

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Each woman has a different face shape. If you have a face:

  • close to the heart. In this case, it is worth focusing on the use of bronzer on the temples, noses, sides of the cheeks, so that the face becomes more elongated. Place the highlighter on the tip of the nose, under the cheekbones, as well as on the chin and jaw. Additionally, you can apply a blush on the cheeks to emphasize the cheekbones even more.
  • long. Focus on darkening at the hairline and chin area. Apply the highlighter to the cheekbones, eyelids, forehead and the middle of the nose.
  • close to a square. You should focus on giving the jaw a bit of subtlety. Apply bronzer on the jawline, avoiding the chin. In addition, apply dark lines on the temples and the wings of the nose. Place the highlighter on the tip of the nose and in the center of the forehead.
  • oval. In this case, you should focus on darkening the cheek under the mound of bones. Apply the highlighter to the tip of the nose, eyelids and on the cupid’s line.
  • round. You should focus on darkening the lower jaw, sides of the cheeks, temples and the wings of the nose. In this case, the highlighter should be applied under the eyebrow line, on the cheekbones, nose and eyelids. You can opt out of using blush.

The trick that raises the face. A new contouring technique

A video showing a new face contouring technique has appeared on the TikTok platform. The user shows how to apply bronzer to unconventional places to obtain raised face effect. Moreover, these tricks make the lips appear fuller.

How Much Is Householding Worth?

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