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Roger Waters claims that he has not canceled the concerts in Krakow. There is a music commentary

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Roger Waters reacted to the recent reports that it was he who canceled concerts in Poland and the artist Pink Floyd in the published post argues that it was neither his decision nor his management.

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Roger Waters. “Łukasz Wantuch called on good people from Krakow not to buy tickets”

In his entry, the musician addressed the councilor, Łukasz Wantuch – the greatest opponent of Waters’ concert – and journalists from “The Guardian” and “Gazeta Krakowska”, who were to write that the artist himself resigned from performing in

“Your newspapers are wrong in their claims that I or my management canceled my next concerts in Krakow. We did not cancel them,” he says.

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“Łukasz Wantuch does not seem to know anything about my work history – all my life, with some personal costs, in the service of human rights. In an article in a local newspaper, he called on good people from Krakow not to buy tickets for my performances. ? If Mr. Łukasz Wantuch achieves his goal and my next concerts in Krakow are canceled, it will be a sad loss for me, because I was looking forward to sharing my message of love with people in Poland, which I did during many tours during over fifty years of career “- we read.

The concert was removed from the Tauron Arena calendar

It looks like he will “not share his message of love.” The organizers said they had canceled his concert. They also reported a refund for tickets.

People are boycotting Waters’ performance

Let us recall that earlier Internet users called for a boycott of the performances due to the pro-Russian attitude of the musician – he supported the annexation of Crimea by the Kremlin and accused Western states of provoking aggression against Ukraine. There have been many unfavorable comments on the web.

“Let him play for his friend Putin”, “It’s better to invest money for a ticket in ammunition for Ukraine”, “An old grandfather, detached from reality, openly supporting the war caused by Putin, comes to my city, to my country helping Ukraine, to proclaim his views? You can be behind the left, right, in between, but you cannot be such a f ** k as to be for the slaughter of innocent people “- we read.

Source: Gazeta

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