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What is slugging? This Korean beauty trend costs less than PLN 4!

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Regular face care is a way to stay radiant and healthy. Thanks to it, the skin retains its beautiful and healthy appearance for longer. Taking good care of your face has many benefits, such as avoiding the early appearance of wrinkles and discoloration. Appropriate knowledge allows women to use home products and methods that help to improve the appearance of the skin. Recently, slugging, a Korean method of face care with the use of petroleum jelly, has started to gain recognition. Find out what it is all about and whether it will also work for you.

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What is slugging? This Korean care method is conquering the Internet

Slugging is a skin care method from South Korea that involves applying petroleum jelly to a moisturizing cream and leaving it as an overnight mask. The treatment is performed to rebuild the natural layer of the epidermis. It also protects against water evaporation. Slugging is recommended for dry and dehydrated skin, and when used regularly, it should provide relief. However, be careful not to apply too much petroleum jelly. The product creates an impermeable coating under which, after some time, harmful bacteria can start to multiply. The method is recommended by many TikTok users who appreciate its operation.

How to use slugging? Four important steps that should not be missed

Slugging is worth doing during the day, when you are not going to leave the house and just before going to bed, but then you should secure the pillow well with a towel so as not to get it dirty.

  1. Remove makeup and cleanse your face thoroughly.
  2. Apply the moisturizing cosmetics you usually apply at bedtime to your face.
  3. Spread a small layer of petroleum jelly so that it only slightly covers the skin.
  4. In the morning, wash the remnants of the product off your face.

Can anyone slugging? It’s worth being careful

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Slugging shouldn’t be used by everyone. It turns out that people with certain skin problems should give up this method. This applies to people whose complexion:

  • it is oily and seborrheic;
  • secretes large amounts of sebum;
  • it is problematic due to acne and pimples;
  • tends to clog pores and create blackheads.

Source: Gazeta

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