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Simon Cowell appreciated it.  Now the Pole is making an international sensation!

Simon Cowell appreciated it. Now the Pole is making an international sensation!

The winner of the ninth edition of “Must Be the Music” and the semi-finalist of the 14th edition of the American “Got Talent” wins the hearts of listeners from all over the world. Recently, the recording “Carmen Opera on One Guitar”, which has already been played over 300,000 times, is extremely popular. times. “He plays an orchestral piece on one guitar” – enthusiastic Internet users write in the comments.

Marcin Czekałek is a walking proof that it is possible to achieve popularity beyond the borders of our country. In the description of the artist’s latest music video, we read that he once again decided to experiment with his guitar playing.

The new song by Marcin Czekałek is a great hit on YouTube

“After initially arranging ‘Habanera’ for solo guitar, Marcin deeply re-imagines the piece, exploring new melodies and a vastly different production. He performs all the guitar parts simultaneously on one instrument, but switches to a nylon string guitar for a dazzling original section more reminiscent of flamenco guitar and metal legends than any expected opera sound.

It is worth noting that the latest track is performed and produced by Marcin himself. The young artist was also responsible for the production of the music video, which many Internet users liked. In the comments, we can find many flattering comments, such as: “The only boy who uses the guitar as a multi-functional instrument. Probably not possible anymore. Incredible talent”, “The legend is finally back with another amazing video”, or “Pure genius. He he doesn’t just play music, he becomes music.”

Simon Cowell was impressed by Marcin’s game in America’s Got Talent

Marcin Czekałek followed suit and in 2019 he took part in “America’s Got Talent”. He decided to combine the music of Beethoven and the band System of a Down. His performance made an electrifying impression on Simon Cowell, who is said to be the most famous talent scout in the world.

“Amazing, it was amazing. I know how hard it is because I tried to learn guitar when I was about your age. 99% of the people who come on stage with a guitar can’t play it. You demonstrated what this instrument was really made for. It was amazing” – this is how the juror of the program summed up his performance.

The Pole did not manage to win the program, but he came very far. He left the 14th edition of “Mam Talent” only in the semi-final of the show. Later, the American branch of Sony Music Masterworks became interested in him, with whom he signed a contract for the release of the album. The album has not yet been released.

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