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From $1! Used books have a second chance at the Guayaquil International Book Fair

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“Put on a fly!” dictates a huge yellow sign with red and black letters that catch the eye of those who walk through the corridors of the Guayaquil International Book Fair 2022, which since yesterday welcomes its visitors, lovers of reading. Approaching this booth, the notorious signs advertise books from $1, $3, and $5; or with 50% and 25% discount. This is the Quito bookstore Count Fly that for the first time meets in this literary day. “We come with great enthusiasm and enthusiasm to give the best titles of our bookstore”declares Marcelo Recaldeone of the owner of the bookstore.

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The also writer and professor points out that the low prices are intended “so that readers can access the different levels of book supply.”

Conde Mosca Bookstore participates for the first time in the Guayaquil International Book Fair 2022. Photo: Mishell Sanchez

But the surprising costs are not the only thing that attracts attention, and it is that Conde Mosca gives second chances to used books. “It is very characteristic of our bookstore to have brought these two worlds together, the new book where there are publishing novelties of our line, but also the half-used book, where there are out-of-print books where you cannot find an edition from 1930, but in this book market of the universe”, Recall says.

“The great success is finding them in good condition, always thinking about the future reader, and the reader who wants the books also leaves them so that others can take advantage of them”, Add.

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The sale of used books is a business that survives in Quito

Book prices from $1, $3 and $5; or with 50% and 25% discount at the Conde Mosca bookstore stand, at the Guayaquil International Book Fair 2022.

A variety of titles, collection publishers, old leatherback works, literary jewels that even seem impossible to obtain because they are already out of circulation can be found in this bookseller corner. “We are looking for deep titles, great titles of literature that have shaped us in life. You will find rarities in our bookstore that other bookstores do not have”says Recalde.

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The complete works of Dostojewski in Editorial Aguilar, Ecuadorian classics such as Jorge Enrique Adoum, Miguel Donoso Pareja, Jorge Davila Vasquez are some of the copies available at the stand of this bookstore. “We bet on our niche, which is the classic bookstore, the bookstore with titles in literature, social sciences…”, express.

Marcelo Baez, An inveterate writer and reader, he highlights the work of this Quito bookstore that he knows in person. “It is part of a tradition that has been lost a lot in Ecuador and that he (Marcelo Recalde) recovers, which is that of the “bookish” that he is an expert bookseller with an immense bibliographic culture that can guide you at all times… it is a mixture of an old book, but it is preserved as if it were new and with novelties”, opines the visitor, while in his hands he held Conversation in the cathedral, by Mario Vargas Llosa.

Conde Mosca Bookstore participates for the first time in the Guayaquil International Book Fair 2022. Photo: Mishell Sanchez

Conde Mosca was born six years ago in co-foundation with Doris Carrasco, with whom they started the sale of books through social networks. “We began to see the result of sales, it was a niche that was being a bit unconcerned by other sectors and that niche welcomed us”, briefly describes Recalde. They are located in Quito, on 12 de Octubre N26-141 and Orellana, ground floor of the Jericó building. But they also receive orders via social networks, and ensure that they always find any work that they request.

Silvia Vélez, president of the Cerro Santa Ana Cultural Association, also offers used books in good condition. Guayaquil International Book Fair 2022. Photo: Mishell Sanchez

Continuing with the route of the FIl Guayaquil from a small stand you can see the book From the time of the yapa, of Jenny Estrada, who has left a special dedication in this. It is the space of the Cerro Santa Ana Cultural Association that participates with new and used books. “People like second-hand books because nobody has this”, it states Silvia Velez president of the association.

“Sometimes I’m embarrassed to sell them because I’m an inveterate collector… but I prefer to get rid of them because I’ve already read them”, indicates.

There is a selection of books ranging from $2 and $3, to higher value new works. It also has photos of old Guayaquil, CD and maps of the city. You can also find them on step 37 of the Las Peñas neighborhood.

FIL data Guayaquil

FIl Guayaquil is held until Sunday, September 25.

The Guayaquil International Book Fair takes place in the Guayaquil Convention Center. Photo: José Beltrán/ El Universo. Photo: The Universe

Schedule: from 09:00 to 21:00.

Cost: $3 for adults, $1.50 for seniors and people with disabilities. Free admission for children up to 12 years of age.

Passes can be purchased in person on-line through https://www.expoplaza.ec/event/feria-del-libro/. (YO)

Source: Eluniverso

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