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Mozart had a complicated personal life.  His mother-in-law threatened to call the police on him

Mozart had a complicated personal life. His mother-in-law threatened to call the police on him

Mozart married the singer Konstancja Weber in the face of quite a scandal. A letter written a few weeks before the ceremony went up for auction at London’s Christie’s auction house. It shows that the composer did not have good relations with his future mother-in-law. He was afraid that… the police would be sent on him.

Mozart first met Constance Weber during his stay in Mannheim in 1777. He initially fell in love with her older sister, who rejected his advances. The musician married Konstancja in August 1782, and a few weeks before the ceremony he complained in a letter about his future mother-in-law.

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Mozart married Constance Weber. Her mother threatened to send the police on him

In 1781, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart took advantage of the hospitality of the Webers, who moved to Vienna and began to rent rooms to tenants and took up residence in their house. It soon turned out that the composer, who was developing his career, was courting Konstancja. both his father, Leopold, and his mother Konstancja were opposed. Despite the objections, the couple got engaged and moved in together before the wedding, which caused quite a scandal. This was considered unacceptable in the Catholic environment. The 26-year-old Mozart in the summer of 1782, in a letter to a friend, decided to complain about the difficult emotional and family situation. It is this letter that will be auctioned at Christie’s in July.

in the letter he asked for advice in resolving the “misunderstanding” with the future mother-in-law. The woman threatened Wolfgang and demanded that her daughter be returned home. “She was going to send the police to get her daughter back, which, of course, would have dire consequences for his reputation said Thomas Venning of Christie’s auction house in

The letter “says a lot about Mozart as a revolutionary figure.” The auction will take place in July

Mozart was in a “complete crisis” at the time of writing the letter and expressed his feelings in it. As noted by Venning, few letters give such insight into the emotions of Mozart, whose personal life was somewhat complicated. In early 1782, the musician and the singer briefly separated due to Constance’s alleged infidelity, and eventually moved in together before marrying. They eventually got married despite their parents’ objections. “That says a lot about Mozart as a revolutionary figure. He was someone who didn’t follow outdated rules,” Venning said. It is estimated that the letter in which the composer complained about his future mother-in-law could be sold for as much as 500,000. pounds. The auction will take place on July 6 in London.

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