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Kunicka spent 7 years with her first husband.  She left him for her lover.  “It cost me a lot”

Kunicka spent 7 years with her first husband. She left him for her lover. “It cost me a lot”

Halina Kunicka and Lucjan Kydryñski lived together for almost 40 years, but their relationship was marked by betrayal. For 7 years they met secretly from the singer’s first husband. It was for the journalist that she left her school love. Later, she was plagued by guilt.

Even before Halina Kunicka and Lucjan Kydryński stopped hiding that they were a couple, there was speculation in the lobby about their relationship. Their love has been developing for nearly 7 years. In the end, she decided to put everything on one card. She left her husband and remarried. Although she did not regret this decision, because she was guided by the voice of her heart, she had remorse for a long time.

Stanisław was her first love. She left him for her lover

Halina Kunicka got married for the first time at the age of 22. Her chosen one was Stanisław, the son of a high school tutor. Initially, they had a hot feeling, so they quickly decided to get married. They had common passions and plans for the future. Together they also performed in “Pineska”. – I was very much in love with Staś. When I was touring Poland with performances, all the time I dreamed of returning to Warsaw. I wanted to see him as soon as possible – the singer. Her husband shared all her joys and sorrows, supported her after the death of her father and took care of her mother when she was forced to move out. Although there was no conflict between them and everything was going well, when Lucjan Kydryński appeared in life, everything changed.

The first meeting between Halina Kunicka and Lucjan Kydryński took place in the Nowy Świat cafe at the performance of the “Pineska” cabaret. When they met, they were both in relationships and did not immediately like each other. “I can’t say I’m impressed. I imagined him differently – a star. Soon after, the journalist invited her to a TV show. It was then that sparks sparked between them. First, he courted her, then they began to meet secretly, but love turned out to be stronger. Eventually, they decided to end their relationship so they could be together.

Kunicka admitted to treason. She described the reaction of her first husband in the book

In the book “The world is not so bad” the star confessed that she had a difficult conversation with her first husband, revealing that she was going to her lover. Although the man took it very calmly, the stigma of betrayal tormented her for years. “I had to finally say I was leaving. Staś was certainly very sorry, but he endured it exceptionally beautifully. It cost me a lot, and on the other hand, I was only thinking about myself and Luciana, she recalled. They divorced after 7 years of living together, but remorse did not give her peace. She tried to apologize many times, but she didn’t have the courage. “I am full of remorse. After the divorce, I lived for a long time with a sense of guilt that I could not ask Stasia for forgiveness – she told in one of the interviews. In 1968, Halina Kunicka married Lucjan Kydryński, and two months after the ceremony, the couple welcomed their son, Marcin, into the world. She was with the journalist until his death in 2006.

Source: Gazeta

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