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He was 7 years old when he played Kacper in “”.  Today, Mateusz Pawłowski is unrecognizable

He was 7 years old when he played Kacper in “”. Today, Mateusz Pawłowski is unrecognizable

Mateusz Paw³owski made his screen debut when he was only 7 years old. The role of Kacper in the series “” stole the hearts of millions of viewers. The young actor has changed a lot since his participation in the TVP hit. See what he looks like now and what he does.

The series debuted on the television channel Two in March 2011 and for over 9 years enjoyed unflagging interest of viewers. One of the stars of the production was , who played the role of the youngest son of the main characters. How has it changed?

Viewers loved his debut role. The role in “” is not the only one in the achievements of the young actor

Mateusz Pawłowski was only 7 years old when he first stood in front of the camera alongside Tomasz Karolak. With his debut role as Kacperek Boski, he immediately stole the hearts of millions of viewers, in whose eyes he grew up for almost a decade. He has other roles as well. He appeared in such productions as “Tales of the Sleepy Cat”, “Gods in the Net” or “Dwie Korony”. He also excelled in dubbing. He lent his voice to in the fairy tales “Pinocchio” or “Free Santa”. He also took part in many entertainment programs, e.g. “Mini Chance”, “Hell’s Kitchen”, “Familiada” or “Jaka to Melody”.

Mateusz Pawlowski is already 19 years old. See how he has changed

Since “” was taken off the air in 2020, Mateusz Pawłowski withdrew from public life and successfully avoided industry events. However, he is still active on his Instagram profile. Currently, Mateusz Pawłowski focuses on learning, which has become his priority, as well as the development of passions and interests. He has not ruled out returning to acting in the future. Recently, a new project in which he took part. The actor recorded the audiobook “How to become a genius rogue”. On June 3, 2023, the actor celebrated his 19th birthday. It must be admitted that since participating in the TVP hit, which can still be watched on, he has changed a lot. Some time ago, he published a photo with the serial family on the web.

Fans were delighted to see Ludwik Boski together with his three sons again. Several Internet users noticed that it was Mateusz who underwent the biggest metamorphosis since participating in the serial comedy.

Of the four, only you have changed

– we read under the photo.

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