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How to care for azaleas?  Apply these tricks and they will bloom beautifully!

How to care for azaleas? Apply these tricks and they will bloom beautifully!

How to care for azaleas? Check what to do to make them grow beautifully and be a unique decoration of the terrace or garden.

How to care for azaleas? The most important information you need to know

How to care for azaleas is asked by everyone who was captivated by this flower and wanted to have it in their garden or pot. Another name for Japanese azalea is Japanese rhododendron or Japanese rhododendron. It is an extremely flowering and ornamental plant, which makes it a very attractive and wonderful decoration of any garden. However, it is quite demanding when it comes to growing and care conditions. Its flowering period is in May. Then it is covered with beautiful flowers in pink, red, white and violet colors, depending on the variety. In addition to the Japanese azalea, you can also meet, for example, the multiflorous azalea, which also has its numerous varieties. There are also crosses of azaleas, which gives an even greater range of possibilities when it comes to the color and appearance of the bushes.

Azalea flower – how to care for it to enjoy its charm for a long time?

There are a few important things to consider when starting the cultivation of an azalea flower. How to care for such a plant? Remember about proper fertilization, watering and pruning. It is also necessary to take care of it in the winter – it must be protected against difficult weather conditions. You do not need to cut azaleas on an ongoing basis, but only get rid of faded flowers and damaged, broken elements. If, on the other hand, the plant is not young, then cutting it to the ground will stimulate it to put out new shoots. This plant tolerates fertilization with preparations that have a long-term effect and are free of calcium. It is worth getting a fertilizer dedicated to azaleas. Of course, you can’t forget about watering, but it should be done in moderation – azalea does not tolerate overflow.

Azalea – how to care at the beginning? Where to plant?

Keep in mind that this plant likes to grow in sun or partial shade. Before it is planted at all, it is advisable to prepare the soil properly. Dig a hole about 100 cm in diameter and about 50 cm deep. Then pour a mixture of coniferous tree bark with peat. This will acidify the soil – azaleas and rhododendrons prefer such soil conditions. It is very important to take care of the proper pH of the soil for a flower like azalea. How to care when it comes to soil selection? It should be taken into account that it should be fertile and permeable. In addition, we should ensure that it is properly acidic, which will affect the condition of the bush. Soil acidification can be done by using special gardening preparations, but also by using, for example, scattering dried under the plant or watering the soil with water with vinegar or lemon juice. This will certainly make the azalea grow beautifully and bloom in the spring season.

yellow azalea pixabay/_Alice_

Multiflorous garden azalea. What are its varieties?

The multiflorous garden azalea can be found in various variants and species. So you can mention here:

  • red, e.g.: Parkfeuer, Nabucco, Hotspur Red
  • pink, e.g.: Rosy Lights, Soir de Paris, Kilian
  • white, e.g.: Persil, Whitethrat
  • orange, e.g.: Diorama, Golden Eagle, Fasching, Csardas
  • yellow, e.g.: Anneke, Limetta, Umpqua Queen, Narcissiflora, Golden Lights.

You can also find other varieties that are a cross between various azaleas, such as Knap Hill, whose flowers are orange, yellow, purple, red and pink.

Japanese azalea: the most common varieties

Azalea flowers have many different varieties, which means that you can choose them according to your own color preferences. Japanese azalea also has its varieties, and the most popular of them include:

  • Maruschka
  • Den
  • Geisha Orange
  • Panda
  • Kermesina Rose
  • Schneewitchen Ledikanense.

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