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It’s time to refresh your wardrobe.  What will we wear this summer?  SHEIN suggests

It’s time to refresh your wardrobe. What will we wear this summer? SHEIN suggests

Summer is just around the corner, which means it’s time to refresh your wardrobe and get ready for some really hot days. What should be in our wardrobe this season? Together with the SHEIN brand, we look at the latest holiday trends.

This year’s holidays will be marked by colors. This season, we focus on strong colors, such as pink, green, orange or cobalt. What to combine them with? Stylists have no doubts and encourage you to play with fashion. We hide safe sets in the wardrobe and combine colors with … other colors. In this way, truly original and unique sets can be created that will make us stand out on the street.

Strong colors and denim referring to the 90s.

Colorful combinations are not only super fashionable, but also beneficial for our well-being. There is more and more talk about the fact that clothes can improve the mood, protect against depression or add self-confidence. After all, who would be angry in a pink dress? However, we realize that not everyone feels good in such strong colors. Fortunately, the colors of the earth, i.e. beiges, browns and greys, will also be very popular among Polish women. It is worth complementing this type of styling with a colorful accessory, such as a handbag or a belt, which will allow you to achieve a more modern look. Yet another solution is very fashionable denim, especially in a washed, slightly vintage color. It is worth remembering that this summer we are not limiting ourselves to trousers. Skirts, both mini and maxi, are making a big comeback this season. These types of models are nothing more than a tribute to the 90s. In the evening, instead of a ramones jacket or jacket, you can put on a denim jacket. This denim total look is a real hit.

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Holiday prints that will spice up any styling

We also wear prints all the time. In addition to classic flowers, this season it is also worth focusing on geometric and animal motifs. It is especially about the popular leopard print, which after a few seasons break, has returned in a big way. However, prints decorate not only everyday stylizations, but also beach ones. Exotic motifs, such as palm trees, monsters and various leaves, dominate on bathing suits, capes and kimonos. Green prints go great with woven bags, straw hats and openwork flip flops. Thanks to this, you can achieve a casual and very fashionable boho style. If we change flip-flops or sandals for a heavier model of shoes, this type of styling will be successful not only on the beach, but also during the summer music festival.

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Summer work style

Of course, summer is not all about trips. Even after the longest vacation, you must return to work. It is also worth preparing an appropriate set of clothes for this occasion. Midi-length skirts, e.g. with an interesting frill or a fashionable, asymmetrical cut, are perfect for the office. Another idea – especially for women who do not like skirts and dresses – can be figure-emphasizing jumpsuits. It is also worth paying attention to the material from which the clothes are made. In the summer, fabrics such as cotton and linen, which are airy and perfectly absorb sweat, are especially suitable. Thanks to this, even in the hottest conditions, you can look impeccable and feel comfortable.

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Where to look for summer styles?

Raging inflation and high prices in stores mean that many of us have less and less free funds for an expensive dress or bathing suit. It is worth dispelling a myth here. Fashionable clothing does not have to be expensive. Stylish clothes can be bought for just a few zlotys. You just need to know where to look. It is a good idea to check the SHEIN brand offer. It is a clothing brand that currently reaches customers in over 150 countries. On the SHEIN website you can find clothes and accessories in every price range. Apart from affordable prices, inclusivity is also very important for the brand. This means that the clothes are sold in many sizes that can be adapted to your figure. So both ladies wearing sizes XS and smaller, as well as XXXL will find something for themselves. Until recently, SHEIN’s customers, who are more and more numerous in our country, had to wait up to 14 days for a shipment. Now, however, the brand has met their expectations and introduced the QuickShip option to its offer, thanks to which clothes are delivered within 4 working days from the moment of placing the order. This means that shopping can be done last minute, i.e. even just before the holidays.

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