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You won’t think it could be in KIK!  Durable, beautiful and cheap summer perfume for PLN 50.  Also hits at ZARA

You won’t think it could be in KIK! Durable, beautiful and cheap summer perfume for PLN 50. Also hits at ZARA

Cheap perfumes for the summer are extremely desirable by many people. You can already have one for less than 50 zlotys. Just take a look at the offer of KiK or Zara, there is no shortage of such proposals. Check!

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KiK has never ceased to surprise since it opened its online store. When we thought that the market would focus only on clothing, a department with perfumes was introduced. There are already several proposals to choose from, including refreshing eau de toilette. Chain stores have also been offering their own for a long time. Interesting perfumes are available primarily in Zara.

KiK’s perfume suggestions. Beautiful fragrances for little money

Things available in KiK are usually casual and cost little. That is why the store is loved by many people. Now it is possible that he will unite an even larger group of fans, because you can also buy perfumes there.

Here I will focus on Eau de Toilette the base notes are amber, musk, vanilla and sandalwood, there are also a bit of orange tree, pear, iris, mandarin and plum, and this is only a part of all the ingredients. The whole gives a refreshing and aromatic mixture that can be used every day.

Original KiK perfumes (photo KiK)

KiK also has a black version for men, in more rooted tones. Apart from the fact that the Eau de Toilette smells beautiful, it also comes in an original bottle that attracts attention. Fragrance notes used in it will be great for the summerwhen flowers, fruits and all kinds of light perfumes reign.

Affordable chain store perfumes. Zara and Medicine lead the way

Zara is known not only for its clothing collection, perfumes from a well-known chain store are also very popular recently. There is definitely a lot to choose from, some fragrances are on sale. For example Evening Maiden Orchid Eau de Parfum combines floral and citrus noteshas been discounted.

Sale perfumes from ZaraSale perfumes from Zara (photo by ZARA)

However, even perfumes at fixed prices cost even less than PLN 50. The fragrance called Hibiscus caught my eye, after which you already know exactly what to expect. Here a mix of fruity and slightly musky notes was used. Such a composition will certainly perfectly complement your stylizations for the summer. After all, perfume also plays an important role in our entire image.

Source: Gazeta

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