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Magda Gessler wears extensions?  “Every star uses it.”  This is how it looks without a storm of curls

Magda Gessler wears extensions? “Every star uses it.” This is how it looks without a storm of curls

Magda Gessler has been faithful to her image for years. The characteristic storm of blond curls has become her trademark. The restaurateur’s hairstyle has long aroused a lot of emotions and a lot of interest from fans who wonder if the extensions are a secret.

has reigned as the most famous Polish restaurateur for years. Thanks to “” she gained not only recognition, but also the sympathy of viewers. Although her comments and often violent reactions, such as throwing plates, still evoke mixed emotions, the star of the TVN station does not care about criticism. Her hallmark is lush blonde curls. The celebrity’s hairstyle is causing a lot of interest. Fans wonder if Gessler wears extensions?

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Magda Gessler wears extensions? The star categorically denies it. “I’m just tightening”

A few years ago, in a conversation, the star of “Kitchen Revolutions” categorically denied that she wore wigs or extensions. – No extensions! I just curl my hair because it’s not that curly, but it’s my natural hair – she emphasized. The tabloid contacted a hair stylist who worked with Magda Gessler. The man had a different opinion. “Her hair is weak and limp. He has very few of them and actually does not go without extensions – revealed the specialist in “Fakt”. The host of “Kitchen Revolutions” herself from time to time on her Instagram profile presents herself in a natural version. She publishes photos without makeup and a characteristic storm of curls. However, it can be noticed that Magda Gessler’s hair is much thinner and less curly than on TV screens or the red carpet.

Magda Gessler’s hairstyle arouses a lot of interest. “I don’t know why people are sticking around”

Magda Gessler’s hairstyle has been evoking emotions for a long time. Discussions about the veracity of blonde locks even led to the fact that in the last season of “MasterChef Junior” one of the young chefs decided to personally check whether the rumors are true. When the restaurateur greeted the participants, he took advantage of a moment of inattention and … grabbed her hair. After all, he gave his verdict. They seemed quite real. They should be a little more moisturized, because they were dry – .

Some time later, Gessler was a guest on the couch. In the program, she told about rumors about you. She admitted that she does not care about the criticism or malice that is often made about her image. – I don’t know why people get attached to hair extensions, like every celebrity at some major party being blonde, she often uses it – she noted, adding that “Polish women have slightly worse hair.” The restaurateur’s statement did not dispel any doubts.

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