The Alberto Spencer Model Stadium was the venue for the first concert of morality in an Ecuadorian stadium. Although the band has come to the country several times, this was the first time they have been hosted in such a large, high-capacity venue.

At 19:15 the artists arrived on site. The stadium was packed with young adults and teens arriving in groups or in pairs. “It’s my third Morat concert,” he told him Alejandra Zambrano Unpleasant newspaper the universe. She is 24 years old and has been a fan of theirs since 2016; the reason he identifies so much with their music is because of “the feeling they put into the lyrics”.

Now she was accompanied by her current boyfriend with whom she has had a “beautiful” relationship for three years. She says she’s been heartbroken the past few times, which made her even more of a fan. “We bought the tickets the day they went on sale. ale she told me she wanted to go so i downloaded the playlist This is Morat in Spotify to learn the songs and now I’m excited to hear them,” he said. Javier Ollagueher love.

morality He sang in Quito on May 31 and June 1, raising expectations among his audience in Guayaquil. In the capital, they had an incredible experience because they received a local gift from their admirers: “says our club fans in Ecuador: “The mask represents a Devil Huma”. What a precious gift,” they posted on their Instagram along with a video of the guitarist simon vargas giving the show with the mask on.

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When the clock showed 8:30 p.m., it started to ring kiss in the war, opening number that everyone knew. Colombians very surprised Martin, simon, Juan Pablo And village for the warm welcome they repeatedly expressed their gratitude to the audience. “We started singing in a bar in Colombia in front of 50 people, and they were all our family and friends,” said the singer, referring to the fact that Ecuador is a special country for them because it opened its doors early in their career .

Among the people there were girls wearing plates, t-shirts and bandanas from the band. They also highlighted some recognized faces as Luciana Guschmer, Frida Contreras And Anna Paula Moran in the first part: Morat Box. The artists sang an extensive repertoire dedicated to their latest album: If yesterday was today; However, they also sang their classics like If no one sees, don’t go And Learn to love you

Gye 06/03/2023.- Morat Concert at Alberto Spencer Stadium……. Jorge Peñafiel. Photo: The Universe

They had a surprise ready for those present who were in the most remote areas. Half way through the concert they left the main stage and went to a corner in the middle of the stadium where they could be admired from all sides, there they sang three songs.

“This next issue is very personal, so I’m going to ask you to turn off your cell phones,” said Juan Pablo referring to Never upside downa hymn to those who are in the process of getting over a person.

The evening ended with How dare you, one of the songs that made them famous. Later they stayed on stage for a while to hand out merchandise to the fans and sign a few.