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How to get rid of broth scum?  Add to the boiling broth.  It will be as clear as ever

How to get rid of broth scum? Add to the boiling broth. It will be as clear as ever

When the broth is cooking, sooner or later an unsightly foam appears on the surface, which is colloquially called noise. We usually remove it consistently with a special spoon. Thanks to this, the soup remains clear and extremely aromatic. How to get rid of the zumuins in another way?

Broth is one of the most popular Polish soups, without which many people cannot imagine their Sunday dinner. It tastes best when prepared at home, very hot, aromatic and fatty. Many people also reach for it when they have a cold, because it pleasantly warms them up. What to do when scum appears in it?

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Why does foam form on the surface of the broth? They’re scum

Preparing a really delicious, aromatic and filling broth can be a challenge for both beginners in the culinary arts and kitchen experts. Recipes vary by family, tradition, and sometimes region. However, this does not change the fact that a common problem for every lover of this dish is the scum formed on the surface of the soup, which looks like unsightly foam. It is nothing more than animal protein that is curdled under the influence of high temperature. How to remove them?

Two simple tricks to get rid of broth scum. It will be extremely clear

The most popular methods for To remove the foam, collect it with a special, slotted spoon. This is a quick method, but it is not always 100% effective, because we can miss something. You can also use the chicken protein trick instead. While the meat stock is cooking, add 1 or 2 egg whites to it. When they set, they will completely absorb the foam and will be much easier to collect from the surface than the foam itself.

Do scum have to be removed? It depends

Although they do not look very appetizing, scum have many valuable ingredients and taste. If you can afford to cook the broth really long and slowly over low heat (about 4 hours), you can leave it. They will soon sink to the bottom of the pot, leaving the soup exceptionally delicious and aromaticyet clear.

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