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Change of Unlimited card prices.  Cinema City introduces new rates and subscriptions

Change of Unlimited card prices. Cinema City introduces new rates and subscriptions

Change of Unlimited card prices.  Cinema City introduces new rates and subscriptions

The Cinema City chain has 35 cinemas in Poland and offers customers the Unlimited service. The holder of such a card, after paying the subscription fee, can watch films in the cinema halls belonging to the form without any limit. Now the network is introducing three different variants of Unlimited card subscriptions. These differ in prices and a list of outlets where the cards are valid, depending on the selected group.

The Unlimited card is indeed an attractive offer for cinema lovers. Thanks to the fixed subscription, you can watch films in cinemas belonging to the network without any restrictions, which means that the card price is usually paid off after watching two different productions a month. In addition, there are discounts in bars and cafes in Cinema City. Now the network is making changes to the tariff.

Unlimited card price changes. Cinema City introduces new divisions

Cinema City has informed customers that it is introducing new Unlimited subscription groups and new Unlimited card prices, and the changes will come into force on July 13, 2023. What do you need to know? Now we will have three subscription groups to choose from. Each of them covers a different group of outlets and the card will be valid only in cinemas included in the selected group. If you want to use the Unlimited card in a cinema from a different subscription group, you will have to pay a surcharge in most cases. How exactly does it work?

The chain of its 35 cinemas was divided into groups according to the ticket prices. The first subscription group covers 19 cinemas and costs PLN 38 a month or PLN 456 a year. The second group guarantees access to 31 cinemas in Poland and costs PLN 43 per month or PLN 516 for 12 months. The third group applies to all outlets of the network and is the most expensive – here the fee is PLN 49 per month or PLN 588 per year.

The price of the card depends on the subscription group to which we belong, and this in turn is selected based on our main cinema. The catch is that, for example, in Warsaw we have cinemas from the first and second group. This is exactly how the divisions into groups look like:

ferry mat. Cinema City Cinema City / New subscription groups

The first group includes Cinema City cinemas in: Lublin (Plaza and Felicity), Bielsko-Biała, Wałbrzych, Ruda Śląska, Sosnowiec, Katowice (Silesia and Punkt 44), Gliwice, Bytom, Rybnik, Częstochowa (Wolność and Jurajska), Cieszyn, Bydgoszcz , Toruń (Plaza and Red Road), Starogard and Elbląg. The second group consists of the same cinemas plus outlets: Janki, Warsaw Bemowo, Warsaw Białołęka, Zielona Góra, £ód¼ Manufaktura, Krakow (Bonarka, Kazimierz, Zakopianka), Wrocław (Wroclavia, Korona), Poznań (Plaza and Kienpolis). The third group also adds the Warsaw cinemas in Arkadia, Sadyba, Mokotów and Promenada to the set of available cinemas.

We can change the selected subscription group at any time on the Unlimited hotline – then the fee increases or decreases, depending on the change. We also do not have to change the subscription group to be able to watch movies in cinemas from other groups. However, additional charges will be required. People from the first group will have to pay two zlotys for tickets in the cinema from the second group, and six zlotys for the cinema from the third group. Users from the second group will have to pay four zlotys extra for a screening in the cinema from the third group. At the same time, the same cards are valid all the time.

Source: Gazeta

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