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A terrible accident in “Mam Talent”.  The entire event was recorded by cameras.  “I thought I let it go”

A terrible accident in “Mam Talent”. The entire event was recorded by cameras. “I thought I let it go”

In live broadcasts, it is impossible to predict everything. One of the hosts of the British “Mam Talent” learned about it painfully. In the semi-final episode of the show, he wanted to impressively enter the stage, but he slipped and fell on his back. The event was recorded by cameras.

Talent shows provide viewers with many emotions and impressions. However, sometimes things can get out of hand and not everything goes according to plan, especially when there is a live broadcast. Such an unforeseen event occurred in the semi-final episode of the 16th edition of the UK. The fall of Ant McPartlin could have ended in tragedy.

Dangerous situation in the British “Got Talent”. It was supposed to be a spectacular ascent, but it ended in a painful fall

The guests of the semi-final episode were the winners of the 3rd edition of “Britain’s”, the band Diversity. When they finished their spectacular performance, they wanted to thank them for the show as effectively. They ran onto the stage, but unfortunately things didn’t go as planned. At one point, Ant McPartlin slipped and fell painfully on his back.

Members of the group immediately rushed to the presenter’s rescue, helping him to get up. Although the situation looked really dangerous, McPartin tried to make a good face for a bad game, turning the whole unfortunate event into a joke. He even stated that it was all the fault of the “slippery stage”. The good mood did not leave the jurors who, seeing it, reacted with laughter. “Is your tailbone all right?” — Amanda Holden. “I thought I popped my pants at the time.” But it’s okay, so we can continue,” McPartlin said, a little less amused, trying to sound professional.

Fans are worried about McPartlin. The show’s production released a statement

The recording of Ant McPartlin’s fall quickly went viral, becoming a hit among Internet users. While most viewers were amused by the situation, some were concerned about their health. Due to the numerous questions that appeared under the program’s entries in social media, the station decided to issue a short statement.

Do not worry. Ant is fine

— production of the program in a post published on the Twitter account. Looks like Ant McPartlin was really lucky and didn’t suffer any serious injuries.

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