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Brew and rub into hair.  The strands will be strengthened.  You will quickly notice “baby hair”

Brew and rub into hair. The strands will be strengthened. You will quickly notice “baby hair”

Brew and rub into hair.  The strands will be strengthened.  You will quickly notice “baby hair”

It has been known for a long time that horsetail works perfectly on hair and improves their condition. But how to use it to get the best results? Hair oiling with homemade macerate may not be enough. Check how to use horsetail to have a lush and beautiful hairstyle.

Horsetail grows practically everywhere. We can find it in forests, meadows or fields, and its fantastic properties can be used in hair and body care. When you collect it yourself, you will prepare excellent cosmetics for pennies that will strengthen and nourish your hairstyle, and also stimulate hair growth. Check what to do with the horsetail to get the best results.

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How to use horsetail for hair? One trick will make the effects visible quickly

When we collect horsetail from a plot or field, it should be thoroughly washed and dried. What’s next? A TikTok user from @rytualna.botanika shared her recipe for horsetail brew. He recommends that ten sprigs of horsetail be placed in a mortar and thoroughly ground to a pulp. Thanks to this, we will extract silicon from it. Place the horsetail prepared in this way in a saucepan with water and cook for thirty minutes, stirring from time to time. When the mixture cools down, strain it and pour it into a jar or spray bottle to make the application easier. Apply the infusion to the scalp in the form of a lotion or rinse the hair with it after washing to make it healthy, strong and shiny.

Store the finished horsetail infusion in the refrigerator for two or three days. When is it best to use it? If you want to see the effects quickly, use it as a scrub. Apply to the scalp just before going to bed and wash your hair in the morning. Finally, use the horsetail infusion as a rinse to boost the effect. What do TikTok users say about her? Many of them admit that they use horsetail on their hair and see the effects of it.

The horsetail is wonderful!

It is true that hair is shiny.

When I was little, my mother used to make hair rinses with horsetail and herbs, it was always my favorite part of the bath.

I mix it with fenugreek and nettle. I use it as a rinse and I see results.

Hair oiling with horsetail. Prepare a homemade macerate, which is a vitamin bomb

Field horsetail can be used to prepare not only an infusion ideal as a rub or rinse, but also a home-made macerate for hair oiling. If we want the collected horsetail to have as many valuable properties as possible, it should be obtained at the turn of July and August, because then it is rich in them. But what to do with the horsetail once we collect it?

After thoroughly washing and drying the field horsetail, put it in a jar and pour your favorite oil. You can use jojoba, linseed or almond oil, but in this case it is worth focusing on refined products. Horsetail prepared in this way should be left in a sunny place for about two weeks. After this time, strain the oil and store it in a dark bottle in a shaded place. Ready horsetail macerate is perfect for hair oiling, skin care and body massage.

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