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She froze when she saw her boyfriend’s bedding.  “She hasn’t seen a washing machine for a year”

She froze when she saw her boyfriend’s bedding. “She hasn’t seen a washing machine for a year”

For many people, changing the sheets is one of the most unpleasant household chores. For this reason, they rarely do. However, according to experts, it is worth changing your habits.

Some time ago, Philip Tierno – a microbiologist from New York University, spoke on this subject. As he emphasized in an interview with Business Insider, we should change bedding at least once a week. Waiting too long allows the bacterial flora and fungus to develop enough to harm your health. Even if you don’t have allergies, you can have an allergic reaction from it. If you touched dog poo on the street, you’d want to wash your hands. Consider it analogous to your bedding – said Tierno in an interview with Business Insider.

“I don’t even want to remember that smell”

I asked a few friends to talk about what it looks like in their homes. Maja reveals that she is crazy about fragrant bedding. That’s why I usually change it once a week. And as she adds, the rinse aid flows in her streams. – My boyfriend doesn’t understand it at all and says I’m a pedant. On the other hand, when we lived separately, Marek had bedding that probably hadn’t seen a washing machine for a year. There were food scraps on it, sand and cat litter. I don’t even want to remember that smell, I can’t understand how he could sleep in it.

Ania changes the sheets once every 2-3 weeks. – I would like to do it more often, but unfortunately it is quite difficult in my case. I know it’s wrong, but if a man had to do everything as experts recommend, I wouldn’t have time for myself at all – she betrays. Kamil, on the other hand, says that in his case it is most often determined by the dog. – We don’t like to do it, but if there is a lot of hair, we change the sheets.

“Now changing sheets is a pleasure”

On the other hand, Marta, who previously also hated changing sheets and did it very rarely, changed her approach thanks to learning a certain method. – The orderly shared it with me when I was in the hospital. Now changing sheets is pure pleasure – she reveals. What is this way? – Turn the pillowcase inside out. We put our hands inside the pillowcase and grab the corners. Then, through the pillowcase, we take the quilt in our hands. And we grab her by the horns too. At the end we shake hard – says Marta.

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