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Pour water and water the hydrangeas after 2 weeks.  At the sight of them, the neighbors turn green with envy

Pour water and water the hydrangeas after 2 weeks. At the sight of them, the neighbors turn green with envy

Bouquet hydrangea and garden hydrangea are the two most commonly cultivated varieties in home gardens. They are a beautiful decoration of the house, but their care is not the easiest. Check which hydrangea fertilizer to use to enjoy healthy and beautifully blooming flowers.

Hydrangea comes from eastern and southern Asia, but most of its varieties can be found in China. It is characterized by spherical flowers in many colors. It is not difficult to grow, but for it to grow beautifully, it is worth using nutrients. We suggest how the bouquet hydrangea differs from the garden hydrangea and what fertilizer to use for hydrangeas to develop beautiful flowers.

Garden hydrangea and bouquet hydrangea. How do they differ?

Both varieties of hydrangea are the only ones most often planted in our gardens. Although they look quite similar to the untrained eye, the varieties are slightly different. The garden hydrangea does not like strong sun and grows best in semi-shaded positions, eg under tree crowns. It is more resistant to minus temperatures and in regions of Poland with milder winters, eg in the west, it can overwinter in the ground. Bouquet hydrangea grows best in sunny positions, and in partial shade it may not develop flowers. The main difference between these varieties is the way the shoots are formed. The garden hydrangea develops inflorescences on last year’s shoots, and the bouquet hydrangea on this year’s shoots. Both species, however, need to be pruned regularly to develop new stems and bloom profusely.

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What fertilizer for hydrangeas? Prepare nettle fertilizer

In order for hydrangeas to grow beautifully and be a real decoration of the garden, it is worth preparing homemade fertilizer. In this case, nettle fertilizer will be perfect, which will nourish the plants, strengthen them and make them bloom more profusely.

As we can see on the tiktok profile Zakochaniwogrodzie, to make it, you need to pour 1 kg of nettles with 10 liters of water. Leave the mixture for about two weeks, remembering to mix it every day. When the liquid stops fermenting, it is ready to use. We water the hydrangea with it, diluting it with water in a ratio of 1:10.

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