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A dance booed in Sopot.  The audience did not like the joke.  “Go change if you don’t like it”

A dance booed in Sopot. The audience did not like the joke. “Go change if you don’t like it”

Marcin Daniec performed at Polsat SuperHit Festival 2023. During the cabaret night, the satirist presented a sketch in which he sharply commented on several political events. The audience did not like one of the jokes made on stage during his performance.

Marcin Daniec has been active on the Polish scene for almost 40 years, and since the 1990s he has been performing independently. He regularly appears at cabaret galas and festivals. In his sketches, the satirist often refers to current events, especially political ones. During the SuperHit Festival 2023, he appeared on the stage of the Forest Opera with a performance in which he hit the leading Polish politicians. Not all of the cabaret artist’s jokes appealed to the public in Sopot.

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Polsat SuperHit Festival 2023. Marcin Daniec hit politicians

Traditionally, the culmination was a cabaret night. The stage during the Sopot Cabaret Hit 2023 appeared, among others. Moral Anxiety Cabaret, Tiresome Sketches Cabaret, K2 Cabaret, Jerzy Kryszak and Marcin Daniec. During the performance of the latter, an incident occurred.

On Sunday evening, the stage of the Forest Opera in Sopot was full of politics. During his performance, Marcin Daniec decided to hit politicians from both sides. The satirist mentioned about the knee surgery that Jarosław Kaczyński underwent last year. – My neighbor says that the condition of the president’s knee is directly proportional to the number of visits to Toruń. However, it is a movable joint. But now, after the procedure, a little boy – on stage. Mateusz Morawiecki’s visit to Sandomierz also became the object of jokes. Daniec also mocked Donald Tusk, recalling his train journey to Warsaw. “My neighbor says he’s being modest,” the satirist commented. At the end, Daniec decided to invite the audience to “play”.

The audience did not like Marcin Daniec’s joke. “You can’t play”

He decided to divide the audience into two parts. Platforma was to sit on the left side of the Forest Opera. “When I get off, all of you say welcome home!” fell off the stage. The right side, on the other hand, Daniec called “pisiors”. This did not please the audience, who started booing and whistling. – Go move if you don’t like it. You can’t have fun – the cabaret artist, then finished the sketch, asking the others to shout “You will sit.”

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