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Elegant women never wear these shoes.  They look tacky and will go out of fashion quickly

Elegant women never wear these shoes. They look tacky and will go out of fashion quickly

Blindly following trends never did anyone any good. Among the most fashionable shoes for the summer there are models that look simply terrible. They are kitschy and tacky. If you want to impress with class, better give up these shoes.

Not every trend is worth implementing. Among the fashionable shoes for the summer there are models that do not impress with style. In a year, everyone will surely forget about them. That’s why it’s better not to buy them. Proven models will be a much better solution. We suggest which summer shoes are better to avoid and what can replace them.

Better not buy these shoes. They are tacky and not very elegant

Braided slippers and sandals are popular in the spring-summer 2023 season. However, they do not look too elegant, so classy women should not have them in their wardrobe. These shoes are certainly a temporary trend that will pass quickly, so it’s not worth investing in them. Classic high-heeled sandals with simple straps will be a much better choice. They are very versatile, thanks to which they will complement many styles.

Another type of summer shoes that does not look too elegant are platform sandals. They look very massive and not very stylish. The same applies to flip-flops on the platform – it’s also not the best choice for a lover of elegance. Models in expressive colors look especially shoddy. A much more elegant proposition for the summer are simple flip-flops on a small post.

Worst summer shoes. Better give them up

Shoes can look terrible with inappropriate decorations. Sandals or flip-flops decorated with a chain will look cheap and tasteless. This trend will certainly not stand the test of time. Sandals with a decorative pattern of sequins and beads, which were fashionable a few seasons ago, will also not always be a good choice. Gladiator boots are a fashionable and timeless proposition. They look much more elegant.

Transparent plastic flip flops and sandals can now be found in popular chain stores. They definitely do not look elegant, so classy women should give them up. This time, traditional sandals on the post will work better again.

To sum up, all massive and heavy flip-flops and sandals are not an elegant proposition for the summer. Seasonal novelties such as chain shoes, braided or transparent sandals are just a temporary (and not very understandable) trend. If you want to look elegant and classy, ​​choose classic sandals with several thin straps or one thicker one, preferably with a small heel.

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