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Bruce Springsteen had another accident on the road.  Earlier, he did not listen to the requests of indignant fans

Bruce Springsteen had another accident on the road. Earlier, he did not listen to the requests of indignant fans

Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band are currently giving concerts as part of an international tour. Currently, the musician plays for fans in Europe, he will soon visit Switzerland, Belgium and Germany, and one of the last stops of the star’s tour was in Amsterdam. The singer performed at the Johan Cruijff Arena, where a dangerous incident occurred.

A fragment of the concert was posted on Twitter by Consequence, a website dealing with music, movies, series and pop culture. In the video, we see the singer walking up the stairs on stage with his guitar. Unfortunately, at one point, he stumbles and falls to the ground. In the following seconds, we can watch the musician turn on his back and try to get up, with the help of his bandmates and security. As Springsteen crashed down the stairs, the audience groaned in alarm. No wonder, a seemingly harmless accident could have ended much worse.

Bruce Springsteen collapsed on stage. He was helped up by security and teammates

Fortunately, Springsteen came out of the situation unscathed – apart from a little breathlessness caused by the stressful situation and the extra effort. The artist easily finished the performance to the satisfaction of the audience, which froze when he fell.

This isn’t the first dangerous incident involving Springsteen on his ongoing tour. In early 2023, the star performed in Atlanta, where he threw his guitar at the technician. The instrument hit Kevin Buell in the head. Electric guitars weigh about five kilograms, which means that an ill-considered move could also end very badly. Fortunately, the technical star of the star did not suffer any serious injuries.

Accidents on stage are still not the only problem Springsteen faced during the ongoing tour. According to The Guardian, the musician was criticized for performing in Ferrara, Italy, just after floods affected the northern part of the state. Fans appealed to the artist to postpone the performance not only out of respect for the victims of the tragedy, but also to limit traffic in the area where rescue operations were still ongoing. The mayor of Ferrara, Alan Fabbi, explained that due to the complexity of the event, it could not be cancelled. The F1 Grand Prix in Imola, which was planned for three days after the Springsteen concert, was different, and the event ultimately did not take place.

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