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Jerzy Kryszak sang about Poland in Sopot, and the audience got up.  Then he shuddered again

Jerzy Kryszak sang about Poland in Sopot, and the audience got up. Then he shuddered again

Polsat SuperHit Festival 2023 was not only marked by music, but also provided the audience with a large dose of humor thanks to the planned performances of Polish satirists and cabaret artists. On the third day of the event, the most popular artists in this field appeared on the stage, including Jerzy Kryszak, who made the biggest impression on the Sopot audience.

Jerzy Kryszak has appeared on the stage of the Forest Opera many times. The satirist is famous for his accurate remarks about Polish reality. He ended his performance at Polsat SuperHit Festival 2023 with a song that particularly moved the audience. The bitter message of the song caused great emotions. The audience rewarded Kryszak’s words during his performance. When he finished, he got a standing ovation.

Jerzy Kryszak sang about Poland. The audience got up from their seats

“It’s time for happy Poland, where brother trusts brother, whom the world does not oppose. Poland, where you and I have your place” – the satirist sang to the well-known melody of Vox’s hit “Happy Road It’s Time”. It is not difficult to guess that the piece is a commentary on the ruling power in Poland. This is also quite clearly suggested by the song’s punchline referring to the name of the ruling party: “Let law always mean law, and justice – justice”.

Kryszak with a voice full of bitterness sang about divisions and lies. During this time, the audience approved the next lines of the song with applause. He wished the audience a better Poland and reunification. When the satirist finished his performance, there was a loud ovation, the audience got up from their seats and looked with emotion at the satirist leaving the stage.

Kryszak received the Lifetime Achievement Award. He remembered a dead friend

However, Jerzy Kryszak quickly returned to it. The satirist received a special award from Marcin Wójcik from Ania Mru-Mru for his contribution to the development of the cabaret scene in Poland. The creator did not expect this award at all, but thanking for the award, he did not want to talk about himself. Instead, he mentioned Tomek Alber, a television producer who worked at events such as the Top Trendy festival. The man died in 2019 at the age of 41.

“Tomek Alber, because I’m talking about him, was someone who collected all these ideas, organized the trolley, logistics, administration and all the paperwork, and we will remember that” – said Kryszak, emphasizing that he was not the only one who had a huge impact on the development of cabarets in Poland . The satirist, after many years on the stage, realizes that many words of appreciation when organizing large projects are due to those who are not always visible in the foreground.

Source: Gazeta

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