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“Fubar”.  Netflix has pulled Arnold Schwarzenegger.  “I’m not going to retire.”  There is one problem

“Fubar”. Netflix has pulled Arnold Schwarzenegger. “I’m not going to retire.” There is one problem

“Fubar”.  Netflix has pulled Arnold Schwarzenegger.  “I’m not going to retire.”  There is one problem

Arnold Schwarzenegger starred in the first series in his career – its title is “Fubar”. Netflix counted on a hit and did not miscalculate – the post-premiere weekend already shows that the production will be one of the currently most watched.

Arnold Schwarzenegger turns 76 this year, so if he wanted to, he could easily enjoy his retirement. Meanwhile, the actor, businessman, former governor of California and bodybuilding champion does not intend to give up his activities, including professional ones. – Nothing of that [że nadal gram – red.] it has nothing to do with age. I still exercise every day, bike every day and make movies – show business is one part of my life. In life I add, I never subtract. I don’t need money. I get paid because you have to value yourself, and agents negotiate, but I’m having a lot of fun doing it. I love everything I do. Retirement is out of the question. I’m still on this side, so I’m happy. My plan is to live forever – and so far I’m succeeding – actor in an interview with “Hollywood Reporter”.

“Fubar”. Netflix has a hit, but not necessarily a good production

His latest project, the series “Fubar”, is physically demanding, but this is not a problem for Schwarzeneger. The production was liked in many countries, including in Poland is the most popular series of recent days. The problem, however, may be how “Fubar” is received. Netflix expected high viewership not unjustifiably, but perhaps counted on better viewer ratings.

Polish and foreign journalists are not delighted with “Fubar”. On Rotten Tomatoes, where reviews are aggregated and the percentage of positive reviews is shown, the professionals split evenly. 50 percent good reviews, however, is not a good result. There is nothing to be especially happy with even 70 percent, which appear in the table with viewers’ ratings. This is not the worst, but still not a very good result.

What does the word “fubar” mean?

Nick Santora is the showrunner and executive producer of Fubar, while Schwarzenegger not only plays the lead character, but also serves as executive producer. What is the production about? About a CIA agent on the verge of retirement who, due to the discovery of a family secret, returns to the field for one last assignment. In addition to Schwarzenegger, the cast includes: Monica Barbara, Milan Carter, Gabriel Luna and Fortune Feimster.

And what does the title phrase mean? “FUBAR” is a term taken from soldier slang. The first letters of the abbreviation stand for the phrase “F*cked Up Beyond All Recognition/Repair”, which can be translated as “completely f*cked up beyond repair”.

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