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She wears K bras and her breasts weigh 13 kg.  He must walk with a cane

She wears K bras and her breasts weigh 13 kg. He must walk with a cane

Anji Chalk is a 23-year-old from North Wales. The woman is wearing bras in size 40K. As she reveals, above-average large breasts are the cause of many problems that most people are unaware of.

A very large bust means a lot of difficulties in everyday functioning. It causes overloading of the spine, which often results in back pain and posture defects, in the summer it contributes to skin soreness under the breasts. In addition, there are problems with the selection of underwear and difficulties in practicing many sports. 23-year-old Anji Chalk from North Wales, whose breasts weigh as much as 13 kilograms, talks about this type of problems on social media.

She’s 23 and wears K bras. “They hurt a lot”

Gigantomastia diagnosed in a woman causes not only nagging back pain, but also sleep problems. According to Anja, her huge breasts prevent her from functioning normally. – My breasts hurt terribly, I often get rashes under the breasts from sweat, and the straps cut into my arms. […] I also have bruises on the side of my breasts,” she told the Daily Mirror.

Raises money for breast reduction surgery

Some time ago, a woman started a fundraiser for breast reduction surgery at a private clinic. Previously, she had not been qualified for surgery in a state facility. She was told by all the doctors that she should just lose weight. However, as the woman emphasizes, she cannot exercise because of her huge breasts. In addition, the young Welsh woman has mobility problems and often uses a cane.

Breast reduction surgery

Breast reduction is not cheap. In our country, it usually costs from PLN 12 to 14 thousand. Can the National Health Fund cover the cost of breast reduction surgery? In some cases it is possible. However, not every woman who does not like the size of her breasts can use this option. The National Health Fund reimburses breast reduction surgery only if there are medical indications for it. Therefore, the doctor must diagnose the patient with gigantomastia, i.e. hypertrophy of the breast gland.

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