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Summer hit in Biedronka!  Stylish sunglasses for PLN 35.  Similar in Top Secret and Medicine

Summer hit in Biedronka! Stylish sunglasses for PLN 35. Similar in Top Secret and Medicine

Fashionable sunglasses appeared in Biedronka. They have been equipped with the necessary functions to protect the eyes against harmful radiation. Stylish models were also introduced by Top Secret and Medicine. Check them out and protect your eyesight in the summer!

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they are an essential summer accessory. It is, of course, a fashionable accessory, but also an effective eye protection against excessive exposure to the sun. They will be useful not only during holiday trips. Biedronka presented fashionable models for PLN 35 in its offer. You can also get sunglasses in chain stores, for example Top Secret and Medicine.

Sunglasses in Biedronka. Fashionable and well equipped

This season’s most fashionable sunglasses are bold and big, you can’t miss them. In addition, you can not forget about their functions. First of all, choosing the right model, check whether they are equipped with polarization and what category they have.

These features contribute to effective eye protection against solar radiation and have been used in Biedronka glasses. The market has prepared as many as 19 different versions, one of which is proudly presented on the website. It has a spacious, quite oval shape, the frames are dark and slightly thickened.

Biedronka offers as many as 19 variants of sunglasses (photo by Ladybug)

Biedronka’s proposal will suit people with strong facial features resembling a triangle. Rounded glasses will bring a bit of delicacy and gentleness to the look. In addition, the presented model has a fashionable design, matching most styles, it will work on holidays and every day.

Top Secret and Medicine offer sunglasses. Must have in summer

In the summer, it is worth getting sunglasses, they can be found not only in Biedronka and specialized stores. Also Top Secret has its variants. Among them, there are several oval models with large but simple frames. I liked the ones with gold, thin temples. They will add a note of elegance to everyday stylizations.

Sunglasses also available in chain storesSunglasses also available in chain stores (photo: Top Secret/Medicine)

Medicine has also prepared something for the summer. Sunglasses are available, similar to those from Biedronka, but with even simpler frames, all black. There is a small golden element on the front. They are equipped with the necessary polarization, which improves the comfort of vision and protects against UV radiation.

Source: Gazeta

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