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All the time “I only feel happiness”.  She was born with an incurable disease

All the time “I only feel happiness”. She was born with an incurable disease

All the time “I only feel happiness”.  She was born with an incurable disease

1 in 20,000 babies are born with Williams syndrome. It is an extremely rare genetic disease. Bess has suffered from it since birth. The disease makes her seem happy all the time. However, the ailment also has a darker side.

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Bess is an extremely sociable person. According to her mother, wherever they go, the girl finds new friends. “Elf children’s disease”, as Williams syndrome is also called, is one of the most unusual diseases. What does it reveal?

“I only feel lucky.” Bess has been battling a rare disease since she was a child

Williams syndrome is distinguished by a specific facial dysmorphism. People affected by the disease most often have a high forehead, a snub nose, a large mouth and bright eyes. The disease also has a huge impact on personality. Bess, who has been struggling with it, is extremely talkative, energetic, and always has a smile on her face. This, in turn, is associated with frequent problems with focusing attention. However, this did not prevent her from giving an interview on the YouTube channel Special Books by Special Kids. Chris, the host of the show, asked her if she ever felt angry or frustrated. “No, I just feel happy,” she replied.

it also affects the body in other ways. People who struggle with it usually suffer from intellectual disabilities, musculoskeletal defects of various types, or problems with enamel. Bess has been fighting scoliosis and dental problems for years.

Her peers don’t want to play with her. He gets along best with younger children and adults

Due to Bess’ health, many of her peers are reluctant to befriend her. “Her age group can be hard sometimes,” her mother said. “I think she feels love on a deeper level than some people,” she said. The girl spends most of her time with her younger brother. In an interview, she repeatedly said that he would be her best friend forever.

Bess also gets along well with adults, although not everyone wants to be her friend. The girl’s parents constantly tell her that not everyone can be trusted. Every day is a new experience for her. He constantly repeats that the world he lives in is extraordinary. “I don’t live on Jupiter or Mars. And you know what? I don’t live on the sun or the moon – during the interview – I like life on Earth. What a beautiful place.

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