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Soak your jeans in it before you wash them.  They will not lose their color and will look beautiful

Soak your jeans in it before you wash them. They will not lose their color and will look beautiful

Not everyone knows how to wash jeans so that they can serve us as long as possible. It turns out that improper care can lead to discoloration of the material and the loss of the right shape of the pants. Check how to care for jeans and what to soak them in before washing.

Almost all of us use it to wash our clothes. This is a quick way to get rid of dirt and maintain proper hygiene. Often, without thinking, we simply put the materials in the drum, add the appropriate agents and set the program. It turns out that not all things can be washed in this way. What about jeans? Should they be washed before first use and how often should they be washed afterwards? We know the answer.

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Add to water and soak jeans. They will not lose their shape and will fit beautifully on the body

It turns out that denim pants that fit the body well may lose their shape during the first wash, so they will not fit so nicely on the body. After all, you should regularly take care of their cleanliness, but how to do it so as not to damage them? Fortunately, a simple trick will solve the problem in no time. All you need to do is soak your jeans in a solution of water, salt and vinegar before washing them in the washing machine for the first time. How to prepare it? All you have to do is add 1 cup and about 1 tablespoon of salt to 5 liters of water. After 1 hour of soaking, the jeans should be washed in the washing machine, but this process should also be paid special attention to.

How to wash women’s jeans? Pay attention to these items

If you want your jeans to retain their shape and color, choose the right washing temperature. The optimal temperature is 30 degrees Celsius. Higher (for example, 60 degrees) can cause unsightly fading of the material. The second element worth paying attention to is that you should always wash your pants inside out, and then dry them flat.

Washing jeans in the washing machine shouldn’t take long. Therefore, a 30-minute program with a maximum speed of 800 is the best choice. Some newer washing machines have special programs for washing these types of trousers, so in this case this will be the best choice. Jeans should not be rinsed in fabric softener, as this could soften the fibers too much.

Washing jeans with clothes of the same color will also help to preserve the color of the pants, thanks to which there will be no discoloration. However, do not wash them with black things, because then the pants may turn gray and fade. Some believe that jeans should be washed as little as possible so that they do not lose their color and shape. For this reason, if they look clean, instead of washing, you can put them in the freezer from time to time for a few hours, which will help get rid of bacteria. Then washing in the washing machine can only be carried out as a last resort.

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