The death of Tina Turner at the age of 83 not only shocked the music world, but also revived the story behind her performance in “Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome”, the film that allowed her to win over the public and movie fans with her role. as Aunt Mistress and in which he established a great relationship with his colleague Mel Gibson.

As La Tercera reported, at that time the cult actor who plays Max Rockatanski was struggling with drug addiction, a problem in which the singer tried to help him in her own way.

This is how Gibson pointed it out in 2017 for the BET portal: “I was a wild boy, I got high […] She once sent me a picture of me and said, ‘Please don’t screw this up.’ Because she was worried about me. That touched me.”

‘This concert is dedicated to the beautiful Tina Turner’: This was Coldplay’s tribute to Tina Turner

The controversy surrounding it continued, but the two artists developed a great relationship during the third installment of ‘Mad Max’, resulting in a pop culture classic.

The dynamic between the characters of Tina Turner and Mel Gibson in ‘Mad Max’

According to El Sol de México, in the 1985 film directed by George Miller, the late Tina Turner represents a woman of strength, with a persistent and strong personality capable of doing everything possible to lead and protect the community from the apocalyptic world called Negociudad.

Then the character of Mel Gibson enters the scene, an anti-hero whose only goal in a collapsed society is to preserve the memory of his wife.

Tina Turner struggled with tragedies in her life: her mother never loved her and abandoned her at the age of 11, and she faced the bitter pain of the death of her two children, one by suicide and one by cancer.

Cult songs of the queen of rock

In addition to acting, the queen of rock also performs the most memorable piece of music from this film franchise, which is no less than the theme song ‘We Don’t Need Another Hero’.

The lyrics and rhythmic composition of this song represent the film at its best, in which there is no search for a hero who solves all problems, but in surviving storms by helping each other, says Hipertextual.