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Swimwear for women 40+?  This cut will hide the tummy and lengthen the legs.  The stars choose him

Swimwear for women 40+? This cut will hide the tummy and lengthen the legs. The stars choose him

When summer comes, on store shelves you can find swimwear of various cuts and colors. The costume should emphasize our strengths and cover up minor imperfections. Dorota Gardias, Joanna Koroniewska or Anna Wendzikowska particularly liked one type of outfit. It is ideal for women over 40.

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Going to the beach in a bathing suit is a problematic issue for some women. It happens that they worry if their swimsuit is definitely well-fitting to the figure. Each of us has a different one, so it’s worth choosing a costume that cleverly covers up the protruding belly or lengthens the legs.

Swimsuit for women 40+. Decorations cover imperfections

More and more people over 40 decide on a one-piece bathing suit. This cut of the outfit slims the silhouette, masks the sides and emphasizes the legs. It is also worth choosing a model with decorations on the front. A perfect example is Dorota Gardias’ costume with gold inserts. They optically slim the figure and make a great indentation at the waist.

Swimsuit for a woman over 40. Universal color

The black swimsuit is the most versatile of all. It slims the silhouette and you can match it with accessories in every color. Many people choose such a model, but they diversify it with decorations, e.g. strings on the sides or on the neckline. Joanna Koroniewska belongs to this group.

This cut of the costume is a great solution for women with a smaller neckline. Instead of the option with bindings, a frill or fringes will also work well.

The swimsuit with a decorative cutout is available in the Cropp store. Sizes S, M, L, XL to choose from. The model is made of a smooth and flexible material. It has thin adjustable straps. V-neckline.

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Tailored swimsuit. Don’t be afraid to go crazy

A swimsuit for a 40+ woman does not have to be boring and built-up. Anna Wendzikowska chose the option with a deep cut on the neckline. This made her legs and body longer. You can choose a decorative cape for the costume. The journalist did the same during her stay in Saint Lucia.

A swimsuit with a deep neckline is a proposal from the Bonprix brand. You can choose sizes from 36 to 46 and two colors: black and khaki. The model has adjustable, crossed straps.

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In addition to a V-neckline at the front and a decorative tie at the back, the outfit also has cutouts on the sides. They optically slim the silhouette and neatly hide the sides.

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