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How to plant lettuce?  Use a proven trick of gardeners.  It will grow 2 times faster

How to plant lettuce? Use a proven trick of gardeners. It will grow 2 times faster

How to make lettuce grow twice as fast? It is enough to use one trick to shorten the time from sowing the crop to harvesting half of it. Find out what this simple method is and use it in your vegetable garden.

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Lettuce is one of the most popular. We find it in many recipes. The plant can also be used as a food additive. How to grow it in your garden? With one trick you will do it twice as fast.

How to grow lettuce in the garden Take care of these details

Growing lettuce is relatively simple. This does not mean, however, that it is not worth learning a few simple ones to ensure the best conditions for its development. First of all, you need to take care of the right substrate. Clay-sandy soils are best. Also remember to fertilize the soil with manure or compost.

Preparation of the place for growing lettuce is also not too demanding. The plant will develop well in both sunny and shady beds. However, it is worth ensuring its appropriate temperature. Lettuce grows best at lower temperatures. During the warmer months, it is good to grow it in places sheltered from direct sunlight.

Accelerate the cultivation of lettuce already at its planting. Use one trick

Tiktoker @ggthegardengirl shared a trick often used by gardeners. It will shorten the waiting time for crops in half. What is it about? When planting vegetables, make sure the seeds are very close to each other. It is best to do this in moist soil, at a depth of 1 cm with a 20-cm distance between the seeds. Thanks to this, it will release the first leaves much faster.

In the description of the video, the author shared one more tip. Only cut off part of the lettuce when harvesting. In this way, you will make the vegetable grow new leaves for a long time. Compared to the standard method, you will collect much more of them.

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