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She wanted to do ombre nails.  She left the beautician broken.  “I can’t unsee it now”

She wanted to do ombre nails. She left the beautician broken. “I can’t unsee it now”

Tiktoker Ashley decided to take care of her nails. For this purpose, she went to the beautician and published the effects of the decoration in a short video on TikTok. It turns out that this was not the effect she expected. A storm broke out in the comments.

@ashley.holz shared a video some time ago showing the effect of unsuccessful nail styling. The woman wanted to have an elegant ombré manicure on the plate. She went to the beautician. However, she did not expect the effect to be so far from her expectations.

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She dreamed of nails in the ombré style. The work of the stylist left much to be desired

Ashley revealed in the video that she is “literally crying over hers right now,” using a popular TikTok sound. In the first frame she showed herself wearing sunglasses and moving her lips to the rhythm of the substituted sound, in the next she showed what kind of nails she wanted, and in the third she revealed the decoration effect. The nails not only had a completely different length, but also a different shape. In addition, the colors differed significantly, and the effect was not what she had hoped for and what she wanted.

Internet users commented on Ashley’s recording. “I pray for you”

The video was viewed over 2.8 million times and liked by over 492,000 people. users. Many people were shocked by the effects of styling on Ashley’s nails, which they expressed in numerous comments under the video. While some sympathized with tiktokerce, others wrote that since she saw that the decoration was not going in the direction she expected, she should have let the stylist know about it at the stage of making nails.

Hey, she saw what he was doing to her, couldn’t she say something was wrong?

I don’t know if she was asleep when she had her nails done, or was it dark?

Don’t go to the dentist to get your nails done.

It’s the gum line and the teeth… I can’t unsee it now.

It looks like a little bird flew in and laid eggs on your fingers. I pray for you.

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