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He saw her in the audience and knew they would be together.  They were married for 46 years

He saw her in the audience and knew they would be together. They were married for 46 years

Zbigniew Wodecki was performing in Krakow’s Piwnica pod Baranami when he saw an extraordinary woman in the first row. The artist started playing with such commitment that he broke all the strings in his violin. Together they spent almost 50 years. On the 6th anniversary of the artist’s death, we recall the story of his marriage.

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Zbigniew Wodecki was 20 years old and was just taking his first steps in the world of music when he met his future wife. It was love at first sight that turned into nearly 50 years of marriage. How did theirs start?

He wanted to impress her from the stage so much that he broke the strings on the violin. “That’s how it all started”

The first meeting between Zbigniew and Krystyna Wodecki took place in Piwnica pod Baranami. The aspiring artist was playing a small concert there, and his future partner was sitting in the front row. She immediately caught his eye. he wanted to show off on stage in front of an attractive woman. He started playing with extreme passion and intensity. At the end of the performance, all the strings on his violin broke. The future couple was introduced by the composer Zbigniew Konieczny. – That’s how it all started and then it went very quickly – confessed the artist’s daughter in the program “Piosenki Na Wagę Złota”.

They got married a year later. The wedding took place in a small apartment, which became an inspiration for Wojciech Młynarski, the author of the text for “I like to go back to where I was”. The places described in the text are nothing more than the entrance to the premises, which for years was the first home of the young couple. However, the idyll in the Wodecki marriage did not last forever. The musician gained immense popularity, which made him see his family less and less. The artist’s partner took care of the children. The couple had three children – daughters Joanna and Katarzyna and son Paweł.

The media accused him of numerous betrayals, which he constantly denied. “I had no time for romance”

Zbigniew Wodecki’s career was gaining momentum year after year. Because of this, he was less and less at home. At one point, his own son did not recognize him. When he returned to his family and knocked on the room of 6-year-old Paweł, he said “Mom, the gentleman who sings Pszczółka Maja has arrived.” His daughters remember him a little differently. According to them, Wodecki was an extremely sensitive father who always listened to them and tried to help as much as he could.

Despite the man’s frequent absences, his relationship continued to develop. The artist admitted in one of the conversations that long tours could even help in marriage. – Once, my wife and I came to the conclusion that thanks to the fact that I was absent so often, our relationship lasts so long – he confessed – If it wasn’t for my work mode, we would probably kill each other, because we have completely different characters – .

The composer believed that it was these differences that allowed him to create a successful relationship. According to Wodecki, couples composed of two artists have no chance of survival. Krystyna was a geologist by profession and she didn’t like flashes and show business. Despite good relations with his wife, the media often accused the musician of numerous affairs. But he denied them each time. – I did not have time for romance, because first of all I was shy and always embarrassed in dealing with women – admitted Wodecki – Besides, I was focused on making a career and earning a house – he said. Zbigniew Wodecki died in 2017 after a serious illness. He was 67 years old. He spent his last moments surrounded by his loved ones. The artist’s funeral took place on May 30 at the Rakowicki Cemetery in Krakow.

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