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These sandals are fashionable and legs look great in them.  Hit models at CCC, Born2Be and

These sandals are fashionable and legs look great in them. Hit models at CCC, Born2Be and

Sandals on the post are not only comfortable, but thanks to them the legs look great. Fashionable models are available in CCC, Born2Be and in the online store See summer shoes that suit everyone.

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Sandals will rule in the coming months. In the offers of various stores, the choice is huge. Models on the post are very popular, preferably small, to ensure maximum comfort. Plus, the legs look great in them. Interesting models for less than PLN 100 are available from CCC, Born2Be and

Simple sandals discounted at CCC. A very universal model for everyone

It’s hard to choose just one pair of shoes from a very rich selection. I decided take a closer look at the fairly universal model, in brown. Sandals are of course on a small post, with a thin strap on the ankle.

The presented shoes have a minimalist and simple look, so they can be easily styled. They match trousers, in various colors, as well as patterned models. Combined with a bright, loose dress or skirt, it will give a typical summer boho set.

Brown sandals on a small block (photo CCC)

Stylish sandals on a small post in the offer of

The online store also attracts attention with its diverse offer. There, sandals on the post are available, maintained in a rather elegant style. They are made of a suede-like material, their stripes are thicker and arranged in an unusual shape. Fasteners are located at the heels.

The store has three color versions of these shoes, black, beige and pink. Such sandals best worn with creased fabric trousers or a suit. They will also be great for women in their fifties.

Sandals full of sunshine in Born2Be. This color is beautiful

Why full sun? Mainly because of their color – juicy yellow. This is probably the most holiday variant. Sandals resemble those from CCC, but there are two stripes on the ankle that intersect.

Beautiful, yellow summer sandalsBeautiful, yellow summer sandals (photo Born2Be)

This type of model looks great when worn with beautiful summer dresses decorated with colorful patterns. Also, any casual pants will be a good choice, but elegant models also match such sandals. You will create an interesting stylization by wearing these shoes with, for example, a black jumpsuit.

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